Autumn Neighborhood, Part 1

I warned you. I warned you all there would be a lot of fall leaf pictures. I’m just making good on that threat here.


You may be wondering the reason for the “part 1” bit. Well usually I can narrow down to a good-sized post of ten pictures here. But I had extremely good lighting and a lot of pretty leaves. So I narrowed down to twenty. And I’m sparing you all. There will be another post in a few days. xD


Anyway, enjoy the leaves!

RED. That tree was incredible. This was the shot that I think captured its redness best.


Gutter leaves. Surprisingly pretty, right?


Another insanely beautiful tree.


House under the tree.


More gutter leaves.


House with cool lighting.

Leaves in da yard.


One Perfect Leaf

To rule them all. xD


Probably one of my favorite shots of all. The LIGHT. 


Kudos to my brother for finding this shot for me. ❤


Hope you guys enjoyed more fall pics and have a nice day/night/whenever you’re reading this. xD

I’ll be back with more. ❤


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