Blank Mastermind Blog Tour: LAUNCH!

Today’s the day, peoples. 

Or at least one of the days. 


So, starting today and leading up to the release day on the 13th, Blank Mastermind related things shall be popping up all over a lot of wonderful blogs, and I’ll be linking them all in this post so everyone can explore them!

It’ll be a fun time, I promise. There’s awesome stuff planned.

Here’s the order of events

ALSO you can now find Blank Mastermind both on Amazon (only as kindle now, but paperbacks to come) and on Goodreads.  So be sure to check that out too. 😀
Anyway. Have fun, guys! Keep checking back for more links!
And more secret fun stuff is coming…. you shall see. 😀

12 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind Blog Tour: LAUNCH!

  1. OH MY GOSH, COOL!! I’m so happy for you, I love blank mastermind!! I’m definitely buying a paperback when they’re available. ☺️

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