Some Extra Blank Mastermind Things

Okay well the celebration is continuing a little longer here because I have more to share. 

SO. An OYAN buddy of mine is starting up an audiobook business/podcast. And he generously offered to include Blank Mastermind in his newest episode! So here we have chapter one of the official publish-version Blank Mastermind draft, in audiobook format. 😀

And you guys should really check out Mark’s thing on facebook, it’s really cool: Bantam Audiobooks


And one more thing that I got sprung on me yesterday was some fanart from another friend, Dee. 

(She’s an amazing artist and you guys should totally check out her blog and her webcomics. They’re A++)

Anyway. She did a Wolfgang Fanart Thing. 

And it’s amazing. 

And I keep randomly pulling up the picture just so I can look and laugh again.

Look at this gloriousness. 

His baby leather jacket.

I just love it. xD ❤


Anyway. Those are the fun things for today. You guys should totally check out my buds because they’re amazing.

-salute- Have a great Friday, everyone!


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