Doctor Who Photo-Edits

Hellooooo people, and a very happy Monday to you all!

Today I have sort of some photo edit fanart I did for Doctor Who. Since we’ve been on a Doctor Who kick lately around my house. 

And so just some 4-picture collages for the companions first, in chronological order. (All pictures from Pinterest)










And then my sister figured out how to do this cool double-exposure effect on Pixlr. So of course I had to do different pictures of the Doctor overlapped with space. It just had to happen.

Nine with a purpley background. ❤


TEN. I’m inordinately happy with the way the nebula swoosh blends in with his sticky-uppy hair. ❤


And Eleeeeven ❤


Anyway. That’s my goofy fanart dump for the day. Hope you guys have a good day!


11 thoughts on “Doctor Who Photo-Edits



    Ten was my favorite Doctor, I watched him while we were in the process of moving countries and he helped me to find the courage to still be open and love people even though I knew I’d be saying goodbye. Big comfort show, man, it helped me so much.

  2. L 💜 V E!! They’re all so PRETTY AHH!!! My especial favorites are probably Martha’s (because Martha Jones is awesome and insanely underrated despite being a rather unconventional companion compared to the arc most of them follow and she does not deserve the hate she gets FIGHT ME) (actually don’t you’re completely entitled to your own opinion but I personally love Martha and don’t like people dissing her for dumb reasons), Donna’s, and Rory’s. ‘Course that might also have to do with them being some of my favorite companions so far. 😆

    ANNND TEN’S HAIR SWOOSH AND ALL THAT RED AND THE STARS AHHH!!!! It’s perfect and honestly kinda freaky… like a good freaky because it’s perfect but also an unnerving freaky because somehow that red makes the madness in his eyes so much more prominent and reminds me of all the times Ten got downright scary, especially at the end.

    Would it be ok if I saved these to my Pinterest boards? I’d keep the link back to your site intact and can credit you in the descriptions too, if you’d like. If not i totally get it. 😊
    Either way, you did a fantastic job on all these and they made my day better by getting to see them!! ☺️💜

    1. Thank yooouuu ❤
      Martha is totally underrated dude, seriously. I think basically she gets all the hate because she came after Rose and the Doctor wasn't the only one having a hard time moving on, if ya know what I mean. xD
      Yeeeeesss ❤ ❤ Rory is my fave honestly.

      I was blown away by how perfectly that galaxy picture fit. Both with the hair and the red eyes, seriously. o.o

      Yeah, go for it! 😀 I'd be honored.

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