Top 5 Writing Tips from My Protege & Me

Well, today we have something I haven’t done in a while. A guest post! And from quite an awesome human being, too.

Elijah is an awesome kid and a great writer and I have had the honor of mentoring him on OYAN. And today, we’re trading guest posts, with our top 5 writing tips!

Behold, the wisdoms that can flow from one so young. -steps aside-


Hello everyone, I’m not sure why Rosey let me do this but here I am!

I’m Rosey’s friend/favorite son and known as Elijah K. or to some folk “The 17th Cow.”

And I’m here to share 5 writing tips that I’ve learned in my writing career.

Write Things Out

This tip may be obvious, but I’m the type of writer who barely writes anything out, and I recently experienced how helpful this tip is.

I was feeling super lost and overwhelmed by my story after my plot surprised me.  Procrastinating my writing was just so easy when I lost my sense of what was happening. Finally, I sat down one day, and took not 20 minutes just writing out in my notebook my thoughts about how next couple chapters should look.

I plotted something.  Not anything special, but it solidified my vague ideas.  And even more important, it pointed out the things that I knew wanted to happen, and the things I knew I didn’t want to happen.  The chapter even looked very different from what I plotted out, and I didn’t care. What I put down on paper kick-started me back into writing, and lifted the fog on my plot.

Remember It’s Your Rough Draft

This too, was something that I had to re-learn recently.  I’m a low-key perfectionist, and having my story filled with poor writing irked me.  My writing time became filled with backspacing, and staring at the screen not because of writer’s block, but only because I was looking for that perfect word to use, or perfect sentence structure.  The other day I recognized this problem, and when I wrote next I pushed past the imperfections, and I got so much more written.

Check Your Pacing

Something that I struggle with, and I notice many other beginning writers struggle with, is pacing.  Mainly, the problem is going too fast, and the reason, I think, is that it takes author’s so long to write a sentence, we forget how long it actually is.  So just always remember when you’re writing, to re-read your sentences. Use up all the possible emotion in a scene, by lengthening it without adding unneeded sentences.

The Thesaurus Is Your Best Friend

At least he’s my best friend.  I consult the google thesaurus everytime that I write.  There’s really not much else to say…

Your Writing Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Most of my writing I view as… not that great.  I spend so much time thinking about my writing, I get acquainted with all its flaws.  It’s good to be thinking of how you can make something better, but it blinds us to how good it can be in the first place.  My stuff still is mediocre, but I realize I need to step out of my low-writing-esteem. Just remember that God gave you a talent, and God doesn’t give bad gifts.

Well, that’s what I have for you peeps today, tell me what you think in the comments, and huge thanks to Rosey for letting me do this.

Elijah, out.


And then we have my post on his blog HERE, so be sure to check out and give him a follow. He’s got some cool stuffs. 😀

That’s it for today, folks! Hope you enjoyed. ❤

What tips do you think are most important for writing? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Writing Tips from My Protege & Me

  1. Good thoughts! I esp. love what you said— “God doesn’t give bad gifts”. Which applies to any talent, and I’m a serious perfectionist about most things so that’s good to remember. ;P

  2. Mmm, these are some good tips. Elijah’s a wise dude! I definitely need to focus on pacing (because why not give your readers whiplash? lol) and to write things out. I am a pantser to the extreme … but sometimes it is a necessary evil. *sighs*

    Loved the post! I’ll def have to check out Elijah’s stuff!

    1. He is quite a wise youngin. -pats him-
      Yeah pacing is definitely a thing. It’s harder than it looks. xD Especially when pantsing.
      Thank you! And definitely do. 😉

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