Returning the Favor (Blank Mastermind Short Story)

Well, I mentioned this story before. And today I’m posting it. 

Shippers, ready your hearts.

I’m employing Kaity, so things are serious.

(Also timeline wise, this is like… I think a while after The Powers That Be.)


“Dallas?” The word burst out of Kaity like she’d been holding it in for hours, breaking the comfortable quiet of lunchtime. She clasped her hands tightly in her lap, biting her lip a little to hold back a grin. “I have an idea.”


Dallas really wished she wouldn’t suddenly inform him of these ideas the very second after he’d taken a bite. Now he’d have to rudely not answer while he just sat there with his mouth full. It was moments like these that made him almost want to swear off eating altogether.


He winced and held up a hand while he finished chewing, looking down at the floor.  Kaity continued to fidget excitedly in her seat while she waited for him to be done.


After what seemed like forever to both of them, Dallas swallowed and looked back up. “I’m sorry, what was your idea?”


“Okay so,”Kaity put her hands down flat on the surface of the table. “So we’ve been together for a while now. And it’s been… fantastic.” She beamed. “Even with all the… Silverwing stuff that popped up where we both could have died. That was still good because we didn’t die and…”


Dallas nodded.


Anyway,”Kaity tucked her hair back and continued. “Basically, my idea goes off this. Wolfgang set us up in the first place, and he sort of saved you from Silverwing when you were captured; and I sort of think he deserves a thank you.” Her grin widened. “I just have a good idea what that thank you should be.”


Dallas’s brow furrowed. He did say thank you for both of those things… both of them had. Should they have done more…?


Kaity seemed to read his thoughts and shook her head. “Not that we haven’t thanked him and all that, but I just think we sort of owe him a sort of favor in return. The same sort of favor.”


“The… the same sort of…?” Dallas looked even more confused.


“I want to set him up on a date,” Kaity burst out, bouncing in her seat. “I want to set Wolfgang up on a date.”


Dallas raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Wolfgang? But Kaity he… he… hasn’t r-really said anything of… wanting to… do something like that.”


Kaity still sat there, biting her lip and grinning.


Dallas turned this idea over in his mind a few times. Wolfgang, getting a girlfriend? The image just didn’t fit in his mind. He needed someone to watch after him, definitely. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t benefit from this, but he just had a hard time seeing it. He couldn’t work out in his mind the proper image of who to put with Wolfgang.


He rubbed at the back of his neck, squinting and trying to puzzle it out. “Kaity, I don’t see who… who you would… set him up with?”


Kaity could have given the Cheshire Cat a run for his money with her smile. “Oh I do. I’m gonna set him up with Liza.”


Dallas almost choked.


“With… Liza? But they’ve been friends for… for years and nothing has ever happened!”


“That’s because nothing has ever happened,” Kaity responded sagely.


Dallas failed to see the logic in that line of reasoning.


“Dallas, I’ve been shipping them for yearsokay? Pretty much from when I first saw the backstories and saw them on TV… you know… blowing stuff up together.” She spread her hands in the air as if spreading out a magnificent painting for Dallas to see. “Both of them lost people. Both of them were hurting and sort of… trying to help fix each other. Only before they were doing it the wrong way, and now they’ve been doing in the right way. And there’s a pretty logical next step here, I think.”


Thankfully, Dallas had been with Kaity long enough to know what the term “shipping” meant. Though applying it to Wolfgang and Liza took a lot of mental adjusting of his image.


And oddly… now that Kaity had suggested it… he could see it. Goodness, this was strange. It felt like someone had taken the neat arrangement of what he thought he knew about his friends and turned it sideways.


Though he was hesitant to really jump on board just yet.


“Are you sure that either of them want that?” Dallas asked hesitantly.


Kaity gave a wise nod, looking suddenly serious. “I’m like… eighty-seven percent sure Liza does. She likes Wolfgang a lot and she’s cool with that sort of stuff. Plus a few things that she’s said… I really think so.”


“What about Wolfgang? This… this was supposed to be something to thank him, you said.”


“The thought’s probably never crossed Wolfgang’s mind. But he already only puts up with her calling him Wolfy. And I’ve always thought that was cute. I think he’d be totally okay with it once it happens. He just needs that little push.” Kaity broke into a grin again, her eyes sparkling. “I’m gonna do it. Where should the date be?”


Dallas gave a small sigh, shook his head and resigned the rest of his lunch break to helping Kaity decide on a restaurant.




Honestly, if it had been anyone other than Kaity and Dallas putting this whole show on, Wolfgang would have bailed.


Really? A date? Him?


But who could say no to those two kids and their big eyes and all the “please”s from Kaity.


He was a sucker.


Wolfgang sighed and flicked at the zipper on his leather jacket, leaning his head back against the side of the restaurant booth. At least he was a sucker who was getting a free dinner. Couldn’t really object to that.


And he was fairly confident that this date wouldn’t end well anyway. Kaity said it was someone who already wanted to. She was just about exploding with how excited she was. But honestly… she’d probably left out a few details for whoever this was.


Who would honestly want to date the infamous Wolf?


He had a reputation that nicely straddled the line between the good and bad sides of intimidating. Plus a nice streak of luck that included getting pretty much everyone close to him hurt. Yeah, this was gonna end wonderfully. Godzilla was probably going to come stomping down out of the mountains and eat the restaurant or something with the way things usually ended up going for him.


 Wolfgang huffed out a breath and pulled his flask out of his leather jacket pocket, spinning the cap off and taking a quick, discreet sip.


The waitress suddenly materialized next to him and he fumbled to get the cap back on and stick it in his pocket without looking like he was doing anything.


She looked like she definitely saw, but didn’t react beyond the slightest eyebrow raise. She smiled at him. “I’m Victoria and I’ll be serving you this evening. Are you ready to order anything?”


“Ahh…” Wolfgang ran a hand through his hair, looking at the seat across from him. “Probably just… water or something for right now. I’m still waiting for someone. She should be showing up soon.”


Victoria nodded. “I’ll be right back with water then.” Her shoes clicked against the wood floor as she headed back to the kitchen


Wolfgang glanced at his watch. Yeah, he’d shown up a little early. Whoever Kaity had swindled into this should be showing up any minute now. And no doubt better dressed than him.


He unconsciously smoothed at his hair a little bit, mentally kicking himself for forgetting to dress in anything better than just extra clean versions of his regular clothes. He jiggled his leg under the table a little bit, stopping momentarily as Victoria came back to set the water down.


She retreated to work on a few other tasks, but kept glancing over towards the table. Hovering like she was waiting for something to go down.


The noise of the front door opening and the whoosh of air that accompanied it snapped Wolfgang out of his thoughts. The restaurant wasn’t very busy. Plus the timing, this was probably his date. Oh boy.


It was really only a couple of seconds, but it felt like much longer as he pieced together his final theories on what he was expecting. What sort of gal Kaity thought she could stick him with.


And all his theories promptly shattered as soon as his date walked around the corner into the dining area.


It was Liza.




She couldn’t be…


No, she wouldn’t… would she?


Maybe she was… here for something else. No that was idiotic. Just coming in at this exact time? There was no way.


He’d intended to stand up. Make a proper greeting and at least try for a good first impression.


But all he ended up being able to do was just sit there and stare.


Liza was dressed in just a slightly cleaner version of her usual as well. And somehow managed to make that look a lot nicer than his. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore an shirt with a skull and crossbones on it that Wolfgang had seen a couple of times before. On other fancy occasions she’d saved it for.


He swore under his breath, still too confused to really respond any other way.


Liza stopped as she came in, raising her eyebrows and peering around the tables. Her gaze rested on Wolfgang and she waved a little, smiling. The smile pulled sideways as she started walking over to him, like she was enjoying some private joke.


Wolfgang realized his mouth was hanging open and quickly closed it, standing up to greet her.


She came to a stop at the table and tilted her head, still grinning. “Hey, Wolfy.”


“I… Liza. Hey.” Wolfgang finally got his voice working.


Silence for a couple of seconds.


“So did you…” he cleared his throat, “you’re here for…?”


“Yep.” Liza nodded.


“Right. Okay.” Wolfgang tugged a hand through his hair, looking her up and down again. “So you… wanted this? Did you know it was…?”


Liza laughed a little. “I knew, and yeah, I’ve actually been kind of waiting for this.”


“You…” he blinked. “Oh. Oh.”


Wolfgang’s mind spun around in circles. Liza was his date. Liza was who Kaity had set him up with and had been so excited for it to work out.


Liza had seen him at his absolute worst in life. That was how she’d known him for years. She’d been his friend regardless of that for years. She’d never hated him for it and run away when almost everyone else had.


If anyone would…


Holy smoke, this is actually a legitimate date that could work out. That could work into something.


And now his hands were shaking. Fantastic.


Wolfgang swallowed and stuck his hands in his pockets, trying to keep looking casual as he voiced the biggest question on his mind.


“But what about… Eli?”


Liza twisted her mouth to one side, blowing out a breath. “Eli… was wonderful. I still miss him. But sort of like with you and your family, you gotta look sometimes at what they’d want you to do. Move on and just… live your life.”


Wolfgang slowly nodded.


“And honestly, we’re already partners in crime enough,” Liza smirked, raising one eyebrow. “It’s not like I don’t know what I’m getting into.”


Wolfgang nodded again. His hands still shook in his pockets, but he could feel his heart rate going down just a little. Maybe this… was something that could actually work.


Man, he’d been teasing Dallas for not noticing Kaity sooner after he’d been working at the SPI building for a few months and here he was.


Liza watched him for another second, then shook her head, giving a little worried laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you with so little to say, Wolfy. Are you… okay?”


Finally, Wolfgang let out a breath and his mouth curved into a shaky grin. “Well, honestly, if I had to pick someone to spend the evening with… Kaity did a pretty good job guessing.”


Liza slowly smiled back, giving a nod. “That makes two of us.” She tipped her head towards the table. “Wanna sit down?”


Wolfgang bowed forward slightly and gave a grand gesture to her seat. “You first, madam.”


“Oh don’t you start with that,” Liza gave him a raised eyebrow, but sat down. Wolfgang chuckled and followed suit.


He shifted in his seat a little bit. “So I guess we’ve… got a lot to talk about, then.”


“I guess we do. Good thing we’ve got a date to do it on, isn’t it?” Liza propped her elbows on the table, the metal one clanking a little. She reached over and squeezed Wolfgang’s hand, smiling.

I mean… hopefully. xD

Hope you guys enjoyed! Comment below with how you liked/other stories you’d like to see… stuff like that. ❤

See you guys for more Long Lost tomorrow. -salute-


21 thoughts on “Returning the Favor (Blank Mastermind Short Story)

  1. Fangirl mode officially activated.
    *is too excited to even scream* *spins around in fast circles with a crazy grin on her face* *hugs you*

  2. *happy tears* I love this. So. Much. Everything. So perfect. Aggggghhhhh they’re perfect.
    And I’ve been SO EXCITED ever since I heard this story was coming. Did nooot disappoint. And my heart rate rocketed when I merely saw ‘Blank Mastermind short story’ in my inbox before I even realized what it was just because. xD BM short stories are simply wonderful, okay.

      1. Oh yay ❤
        Yeah I didn't want to have to switch it up between two of them just for such a short story. And I really needed the lead-up with Dallas and Kaity. xD

        1. Yeeaaah. ;P
          Also, I thought of a short story that would be awesome sometime (you’ve probably already thought of this)—News becoming un-blind. ❤

          1. Oooohhhh yeah I’ve been meaning to do that one. -thinks-
            ALSO I NEED HELP
            Dallas’s birthday is on the 10th of this month and I need a drabble for the occasion help me

          2. OOOH funnnn. Wow I am baaaad with ideas though. O.o Eh… *ponders* All I can think of is some sort of surprise b-day party (largely featuring Wolfgang, Bad News, and maybe Dallas’ awesome older bro come to visit for a surprise?), except that you already have stories similar to that floating around so it’s not the greatest idea. Buuut if it doesn’t necessarily have to be b-day related, just in-honor-of-Dallas related, welp… Something still featuring Dallas and those three (and Kaity). Sumthin’ where they try to show in an unsappy way how much they appreciate him? I’m so helpful. *headdesk* I dunno man. AWW though, it might be cute to have Dallas’ bro meet Kaity; he’d be like an adorable big brother to her too. And for some reason it seems like he and News would get along splendidly together. But Dallas would still have to be the point, obviously… *scratches head* Huh. I’m sure whatever you come up with’ll be great. xD

  3. AAAAH FINALLY FINALLY Blank Mastermind is back!!!
    Also the waitress has my name so I was confused for a sec and then like “heck ya I’m in blank mastermind! as a waiter! best I’m ever gonna get!”

  4. This is wonderful. *wipes away tear*
    Seriously though, I was laughing so so hard reading this XD My family was probably thinking “Who is the weirdo?” with me just bursting out laughing randomly… xP
    But yes, so perfect. ❤

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