Leverage Season 1: Review & Fan Stuff

Been a while since I’ve done a full-on review thing. And it’s also been a while since I’ve found something new that I felt so strongly I needed to recommend.


I’ll now be chucking my new favorite show at you all, along with some fan-collage/playlist stuff.


Leverage: Season 1

collage credit – moi


Leverage follows a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.


Good Stuff:

  • Characters

As always, I’m a sucker for this element. And the characters in this show are just…. they’re really amazing okay. 

Everyone is really three dimensional and very distinct and different and the way they all play off each other through the story is pure gold. They 100% make the best team. 

I loved Eliot, Hardison and Parker all right off the bat and have only grown to love them more. They’re all awesome. 

Nate, I actually didn’t start out liking at all, but the character progression they’ve got going with him, along with the really good carrying of the show’s theme he’s got going on… the dude’s grown on me. He’s up there competing in the many way tie for favorite character. xD

Sophie is also amazing and funny, but she’s not quite my favorite. I’m hoping to learn to love her a little more as the seasons go on. 


  • Plot

I really love con/heist plots and this show is a gold mine. 

Almost all of the episodes could beat out a lot of movie plots for being well thought through and funny and cool. There are always the kind of sub-par episodes here and there, but I’m really really impressed with the writing overall in here. 


  • Surprisingly clean

Seriously, my whole family is watching this thing. I’m 20 and my youngest brother is 2. Literally everyone loves it, and the language, violence and content in general is kept very low. 


  • Funny

Character and situational humor is my favorite and it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE here I’m in heaven. So many iconic lines and funny moments of everyone playing off each other and getting into ridiculous spots. It just makes me grin.


  • Just really, genuinely enjoyable

Sort of a combo plus-point here. But honestly. 

Awesome characters pulling off crazy schemes to help people in need and being hilarious while they’re doing it? And a presentation clean enough for the whole family to watch? Sign me up, man.


Bad Stuff:

  • Innuendo jokes

Probably the biggest strike-out on content stuff. Nothing’s really been shown on-screen? Just Parker being oblivious as usual and taking her shirt off with her back to the camera. But there are a good few references to sex and sketchy stuff of the sort. Clean on most other fronts, not that clean on this one. 

  • Alcoholism

It’s not presented as a good thing or glorified at all, but Nate kind of has a serious drinking problem going on. Despite Sophie’s valiant crusades to get him to quit. 



A really, fun, cool show with amazing characters that is definitely worth checking out. 

-writefury stamp of approval as I move on to season 2-


And now some of my fan things. Character collages!

Nate/The Mastermind


Sophie/The Grifter


Eliot/The Hitter


Hardison/The Hacker


Parker/The Thief


And also a fan playlist I was piecing together with my sister while we’re at it.

(I have way too many playlists already. But is that going to stop me? No. Never.)


Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the review for today!

Have you seen Leverage? Think you will?

Talk to me in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Leverage Season 1: Review & Fan Stuff

  1. Man, it has been WAY too long since I’ve seen this show. Good memories. Parker’s the best. And the collages are perfect!! ☺️ My favorite episode was the one with them being in a bank as it’s getting robbed, but I can’t remember the episode name, unfortunately. I remember there being more swearing, though…

    1. -high five- This show is quickly becoming my new fave, seriously. ❤
      I like that one and episode 1 of season 2 so far. xD
      Oh yeah. Hmm. I mean there is some swearing? But I guess just comparatively to the other shows I've seen in the same genre, it's not relying heavily on it/only using it in instances of strong emotion, which I can kinda get behind.

  2. Man, this sounds so cool. And I am always so crazy happy when I hear of someone doing greatly-developed characters somewhere. *flails*

    (Oh, and we watched MI 5. *idiotic grin* Now I don’t know whether that or 4 is my fave.)

    1. yES the characters are just…. augh. I love them all so much. They’re all my favorites. (also halfway through season 2 and can confirm that they do a lot more with Sophie’s character and she’s amazing.)

      (!!!! yEE
      okay honestly I think 5 is my favorite. I’ve rewatched it so many times. xD I love 4 and 6 both a ton, but
      but 5.
      That was partly what I drew from going with the beginning of BM)

      1. (well yay! For some reason girl characters are always harder for me to like than guy characters, at least starting out. XD)

        ohhh, COOL! Man, it seems like every good action movie must have some sort of opera scene. Dunno if you've seen the Robert D. Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies, but the second one has one of my favoritest opera scenes, esp. as it turns out to be a fake/distraction.)

  3. DUDE I LOVE YOUR AESTHETICS THEY’RE JUST SO GREAT! Also yeah I think we’re all concerned with Nate’s health here. And Sophie’s sort of one of my favorite characters. I don’t know why she’s just so–dramatic, expert and just so caring about her team, really. I dunno. I’ve only actually watched season one all the way through so I can’t tell you what’s coming in the future either. But I love the one scene in the last episode of season one I believe? When everyone is like ‘Sophie’s apologizing’ and she’s like ‘I’m not apologizing’ and they’re all like ‘yeah we forgive you.’

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