August Wrap-up 2019

Aaaand summer is officially over, folks. 

-stares at the calendar for a minute- 

Anyway. What did my August look like?

[the writings]

August ended up being a very busy month, so I sadly did not get a lot of writing done.

I did write a tiny bit of Golden Boy and I did a little plotting, but…. yeah, I didn’t get anything over a chapter written, sadly.

I wrote a couple of drabbles/short stories. Mainly one of Fnu Lnu meeting Demetrius that I’ll probably share on here at some point.

Probably my main writing project for the month was brainstorming some novel plots with my sister, honestly. xD


[the musics]

Mostly a pretty random assortment here.

But Built By Titan came out with a new song called “Ghost” and it’s absolutely incredible.

Also Ben Platt came out with a song called “Rain” and I really like that too. ❤


[the stories]


So, in favor of getting a lot of cultural references and since I’ve been mildly interested in it for a while, I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Overall, I understand a lot of references that went over my head before, but I didn’t find the book particularly my brand of humor. A lot of absurd jokes, randomness, and Monty Python-esque situations. Plus it was… more depressing than expected. Very nihilistic, dark humor.
Glad I read it. Not necessarily something I’d read again. xD

My mom’s still been reading the Narnia books. We got through The Horse and His Boy and The Magician’s Nephew this month, and they were both awesome. It’s extremely fun and weird to get my mental images from when I was like 6 getting pulled back up to the front of my mind. 😛

And I’m still chipping away at a couple of the Lusitania research books and Bill Bryson’s Australia book.


The Prestige: A movie from earlier this month that I actually reviewed right HERE.

The Magnificent Seven (2016): A lot better than I expected, actually. Chris Pratt was awesome, there were some really fun character moments, the scenery was amazing, and the story was pretty decent. Definitely enjoyable. ❤


Agents of SHIELD: We finished season 6 when the finale aired earlier this month and just….

That was…. a mess. The middle of that season was okay and I’m…. sort of excited for the setup of the next season, plus the fact that it’s gonna be the last one. But I have so so many writing problems with that finale, it was incredibly messy.

Lost: I’ve had my eye on this show for a while now, and sort of started it after Agents and when I had some time to kill with my brother. And man it is good. 😀 Never thought flashbacks could be so awesome, and honestly I have a couple writing posts planned using some Lost scenes as examples for character development.

[the cookings]

I sadly did not get any pictures. But I made three different types of biscotti this month!

A gingerbread biscotti, a chocolate nut biscotti, and almond biscotti. All were very good and my family enjoyed them. ❤


[the funnies]


[the life things]

Still doing the dogsitting thing, and loving it. ❤ I had one of my brothers fill in for me for a little bit because I was doing another job that is…. technically classified (-so mysterious-) with another brother. We had a lot of fun, sweated a lot, made a few new friends, and in general just had a good time. 

Earlier in the month, my family went to check out the Kansas City streetcar and go to the river market, so that was awesome. ❤ Definitely would recommend going there if you’re in the area, it’s fun. 

This month was incredibly hot as well. Didn’t help that I was doing hot things, but I am READY for fall and I hope it comes soon. xD

Though at the end of the month we did have a few thunderstorms! I enjoyed those way too much. 

[up next]

Well, we’re already in September now. So you guys get a sneak peek at The Future and what September holds. :O

  • A Renaissance fair! Kansas City has an amazing one in the area and we went and had a ton of fun this last weekend. ❤
  • More dogsitting! And hopefully more writing than last time. xD
  • Randall Munroe is releasing his new book! And I’m actually going to hear him speak since he’s coming to the area for the release and I’m super excited. 😀


Hope you all had a great end of your summer! And hopefully I’ll be posting more stuff this month so, I’ll probably see you guys around more. ❤

How was your August?

Talk to me in the comments!


11 thoughts on “August Wrap-up 2019

      You need to come down and see it. It's really cool because it's not like "hey this is the field we could rent to do our fair in". No, this place is /made/ for the ren fair.
      They have a bunch of cool period shop fronts and dirt paths winding around and a full-on jousting arena and it's /so cool/ it's like a medieval city.

  1. *slow gasp* Ohhhh my goodness that is so. cool. MEDIEVAL SHOP FRONTS. *clutches head* Wow. This sounds so amazing. I’m gonna go look up pictures of Kansas City renaissance fair.

  2. the elmo thing… oh gosh, what happened to him? I’m glad you had a good August. I’ve had like… a surprisingly long year, really, all things considered. Most years feel like they’re flying by and I certainly feel that way with this one, but at the same time January feels like twenty years ago.

      1. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Wow, it’s been such a year. But it’s been a good year, I think, and I’ve learned a lot. So much, actually, and I’m very glad this year happened, even though there’ve been some pretty tough times this year. I hope your year is going super well, though!

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