Looking Up

Wow! Look I did it! I wrote another poem! We were driving through mountains the other day and I was inspired to write something. So, here it is, I guess: Looking up Stony fingers rake the clouds Their tips coated in snow. Their ancient spires standing firm Though icy winds do blow. Below, a blanket… Read More Looking Up

Writing Challenge, Day 7

Challenge 7: Write a Haiku About a Slug Writefury’s Shimmering slime trail The brown slug oozes along You like slugs? You’re nuts. Sprinkle Squink’s Squishy and slimy A big brown blob. Disgusting! Slugs: Just weird and gross!   Did we accurately describe the grossness? Let us know in the comments! ~writefury and sprinkle squink

Sky in the pie!

A funny poem I thought I’d share.   Waiter, there’s a sky in my pie Remove it at one if you please You can keep your incredible sunsets I ordered mincemeat and cheese   I can’t stand the nightingales singing Or the clouds all burnished with gold The whispering breeze is disturbing the peas And… Read More Sky in the pie!