Writing Challenge, Day 6

Challenge 6: Write a Poem

(okay, I know this doesn’t really sound challenging to a lot of people, but I barely ever write poems, so this is a challenge for me.)


This is a poem about our six week old baby sister. She was the third girl after five boys, so we waited for quite a while for a little sis and I just HAD to make a poem about her. 😉


Chubby, grabbing hands
Crinkled up nose
Crooked, sweet smile
Lips like a rose.

Chubby little cheeks
Brown eyes round
She gives herself hiccups making cooing sounds.

My sweet little sister
All dressed up in pink
Something cuter than Maggie
Would be hard to think.


and, Squink didn’t really want to do this one, so it’s just me this time.

Hope you enjoyed!


Any thoughts?

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