Writing Challenge, Day 1

Hello, Everyone!

I just made up a writing challenge for myself today and I’m pretty happy about it. My sister (I will call her “The Sprinkle Squink”) will be doing it with me. Anyway it’s pretty fun, very random and will probably give you guys a lot better idea of my writing.

So… on with my quest


Challenge 1: Introduce a Character From One of Your Books and Show a Picture of Them


Amazing Gracie

Age: 9 years old

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Crazy, curly red

Book: “Just a Sidekick”

Role: Ally to Dallas Knight

Ability: Able to shoot fire

Other: Gracie is a feisty little girl with crazy hair who is still learning to control her abilities. Her book world is a superhero city where she attends school.
For a while, I actually wasn’t quite sure what her superpower would be. Then I asked my friend Krickette and after hearing about her hair, she immediately suggested fire. And so it was

Amazing Gracie in action!
Amazing Gracie in action! by Writefury



Sprinkle Squink’s


Age: 12 years old

Eyes: Muddy brown

Hair: Straight, jet black

Role: Ally

Book: “The Barefoot Agent”

Ability: Really nimble and good at climbing

Other Traits: Chita is a shy, but funny girl who always wears a cat-ear headband and has a pet cheetah named Swift.

In her book world, Chita lives in trees and has a home in the forest.

Chita, by Sprinkle Squink
Chita, by Sprinkle Squink


Hope you enjoyed!

writefury and sprinkle squink


Any thoughts?

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