Writing Challenge, Day 2

Challenge 2: Invent a character based off of a drink. Introduce them and show a picture of them.


Pepin Minter

Based off iced peppermint tea.

Age: 13

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Home: Washington state

Book: None yet

Abilities: Fast runner. Does well outdoors.

Hobbies: Soccer, hiking, frisbee, camping and hanging out in his tree-house.

Other: Pepin loves nature and is barely ever seen without some shade of green on. He’d rather be outdoors than indoors, even when it’s raining. Pepin is a little bit of a bookworm, but never reads inside, unless it’s in his bed. To make some money, he is currently working on making a small business for survival gadgets and paracord bracelets.

Pepin Minter
Pepin Minter



Sprinkle Squink’s

Cream Soda

Age: 8

Eyes: Brown

Hair: A mix between copper and gold

Role: Hero

Book: “Pop”

Book World: Cream Soda’s book world is a regular town in Oregon.

Abilities: Can shoot cream soda out of her hands, fast runner.

Hobbies: Flying

Other: Cream Soda is a cute, loving and sometimes hyperactive 8-year-old who loves adventure and is a good friend.



Any thoughts?

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