Writing Challenge, Day 5

Challenge 5: Write a Personality Quiz


Which one of my book characters are you?










Now, tally your answers and see who you were!

Mostly a’s
You’re most like Jazz from “Odd Team Out“.
You like music, being with people and
sometimes doing weird things to get noticed.

Mostly b’s
You’re most like Dallas from “Just a Sidekick“.
You’re loyal to your friends and like staying in
the background most of the time. But,
when the time comes to be brave, you’re
the first one to step up.

Mostly c’s
You’re most like Cobalt from “Odd Team Out“.
You love making people laugh and are pretty good at it too!
Somewhere near water is where you feel most at home

Mostly d’s
You’re most like Robin from “Amazing Honesty“.
You love animals of all kinds and being outside,
especially if it means climbing trees.
Your temper sometimes gets you into trouble.

Mostly e’s
You are very indecisive. Try again.



Sprinkle Squink’s

Would you be a cat, a dog or a horse?










Mostly a’s
You are most like a cat.
You know what you like and don’t like anything else. You don’t really like being around people. You’re a bit of a loner.

Mostly b’s
You are most like a dog.
You are a friend to all you meet, you are good at laughing at yourself with everyone else and you like to play and have fun like a puppy

Mostly c’s
You are most like a horse.
You’re a little shy at first when you meet someone, but you warm up quickly and you’re loyal to the friends you already have.


What were you? Comment at the bottom, we’d love to see how you did!

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