Hair Candy!

Sprinkle Squink and I opened an Etsy shop for Hair Candy!

It’s modeled after Vanellope Von Schweetz’s hair candy from Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.


I made some for myself and wear them everywhere. They are really fun and we can also do custom orders if you want. (specify the candy and colors)

Here are some pictures:



100_1837 100_1847 100E1857 100E1856 100E1853 100E1855

Photo on 2014-04-06 at 16.38


The smaller ones are attached with snaps and the bigger ones are attached with bobby-pins.

This is a link to our store: SugarandSpicedrops

Please do check it out!


~writefury and Sprinkle Squink


(you decide who’s who)


Any thoughts?

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