The Hand War

Do any of you remember the day when you finally figured out which hand was your left and which was you right? I do. And in my opinion at the time, it took me way too long. The cause being, my little brother had a Spiderman shirt that he wore to death, and it happened to have the word “Spiderman” written down the left arm. And since he wore it all the time, he figured out that the arm with the word on it was his left arm and so he figured it out before me.

So, not being able to tolerate that, I practiced and practiced until I finally got it right, then promptly marched down to my brother to show him that I was still the big sister.

“Look!” I announced. I pointed to my left arm: “Left,” I said, then pointing to my right arm: “Right!” I grinned and looked up at him. He frowned and stood up from the stair he was sitting on,

“Nuh-uh! Look, this is your right arm,” he said, pointing confidently to the arm I had just dubbed Left. “See: my Spiderman arm lines up with your other arm.” I was flabbergasted.

“No!!! I’m SURE that this is my right arm!” I said, pointing to the arm I thought was right.

No! I practiced and practiced and I know that the arm with Spiderman on it is the left and the one without it is the right!”

And the argument went on until we almost came to blows over it. Finally, my dad heard all the ruckus and came up to see what was the matter. Almost in tears, I told him.

“I figured out which is my left arm and which is my right and he thinks that it’s the other way around!” My brother shook his head,

“No! Dad, she’s wrong!” My dad sighed and pulled us over next to each other so we were shoulder to shoulder and facing the same direction.

“Now,” he said, “Both of you hold out your right arm.” I held out my right arm, and to my surprise, my brother was holding out the same arm!

“Now both of you hold out your left,” my dad said. We did, and once again held out the same arm. Dad then explained to us how it looked like we were holding out different arms, but we weren’t since we were across from each other. My brother and I made peace and went our separate ways.


Sometimes, among believers get into arguments like this. We both insist that we are right and refuse to see it from the other person’s viewpoint. We are too stubborn to try and figure out what the real answer is.

Much of the time, we all believe the same thing and are just arguing about how we see it instead of just taking the whole Bible as is. It always takes the Father to come down and show us that we are all on the same team. His.

So, that was the faithwriters topic of “Left and Right”.

Please comment and say how you liked it!


Any thoughts?

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