Paracord Projects

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing with paracord (my new favorite crafting material) lately.



A paracord sling

The pouch

100_2390 100_2391






A herringbone bracelet


100_2393 100_2399

My little brother’s comment: “That looks like a bracelet captain america would wear!”


mmmmm… maybe. 🙂

“Here, Cap. Wanna bracelet?”




This thing is really huge on me.


100_2407 100_2408




This was one for my dad.

Sorry about the blurry picture there.

100_2409 100E2412


And I’m planning on making a paracord stock whip with my brother, so that’ll be fun. >:)


So there you have it! Now you now that if I’m ever lost in the wilderness, I will be equipped with enough paracord to tie a mansion together.

Tune in next time to see more amazing things!



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