The New World

A funny story I did mixing the lego movie, and avengers.

There are avengers lego sets out there, and in the lego movie there are only DC heroes. So if a marvel world came…. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!



   “A new world?” Emmet’s dot eyes widened. “That’s great! More places to explore! More master builders! Maybe we can even make another meeting place there, since Cloud Cuckoo land is still being built back. This is awesome! Why are you worried?”

   Wyldstyle frowned, “It’s just… well… let me just say that I hope the residents of this new world are friendly, and that we can get in to see them without being disassembled.”




   The box was dark and nothing moved. Technically, since they weren’t assembled, nothing could move. But outside the box, sounds and movement abounded. There was the tearing of paper very close to the box and happy sounds. Then everything began to move at once. There were loud, rhythmic thumping noises and everything in the box rattled, bonking into each other.

   Everything stopped. There was a flash of light, and all went dark again.




   The first thing Steve Rodgers was dimly aware of was his grip on two, smooth handles. A motorcycle? Then he realized it was lying on top of him. His eyes opened quickly and he looked down. It looked as if he’d been riding the motorcycle, then just fell over sideways.


   He eased his leg out from under the motorcycle and pulled himself off the seat. Steve stood back, looked at the motorcycle and ran his hand over his hair.

What happened? He thought, scanning the strangely studded ground of the area around him.

   Random bricks scattered all over the ground. Some connected, but most didn’t. Finally, Steve spotted his shield, half under a pile of bricks. He walked over and moved it a little to pick it up, but jumped back in surprise.

   Underneath the shield was a masked head. His head. He watched it carefully, half expecting it to move. It didn’t, and Steve cautiously picked it up.

   So that’s where my mask was, he thought. But why does it have to be on a different head? Why can’t I just put it on? He frowned and looked out over the field again. A faded city skyline was visible over a few trees.

   One of the buildings had a large word on it. Steve squinted, trying to make it out.

   S… T… Wait a second, that’s Stark Tower!

   He quickly tucked the unexplained extra head under his arm, put his shield on his back and ran back over to the motorbike.

   The small, red motorbike roared to life and went speeding across the studded landscape. Steve glanced down at the speedometer and happened to see that a radio was built into his bike.

   Hmm… strange.

   Out of curiosity, he punched the on button, half expecting The Andrews Sisters to come on.

   “Everything is awesome!!!”

   Steve jolted in his seat.

“Everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Everything is awesooooooooome! We’re livin’ our dreeeeeeam!”

   He quickly hit the off button and waited for his heart rate to go down.

   What kind of crazy place is this?




   “Hey, cool! I think I found the portal.”

   “Where?” Wyldstyle came running over to Emmet’s side.

   “Right here,” Emmet pushed aside an unusually large manhole cover, exposing a swirling vortex of multicolored bricks. “It didn’t really look like the gutter, so I got suspicious,” he explained.

   “Yep, that’s it.” Wyldstyle grabbed a small plastic ball launcher, just in case. “You coming?”

   Emmet grinned and nodded, “Mmm-Hm!”

   The two figures clasped hands as best they could, jumped into the portal and were zipped away towards the unknown land of superheroes.

   Round and round and round. Colorful bricks were everywhere and there was the sensation of speed. Then everything faded to white and they found themselves dropped into a city alley.

   Emmet, stood up, brushed himself off and glanced around.

   Dark red bricks made up the building they were next to, a coffee shop stood across the street, cars drove by and the familiar tune of “Everything Is Awesome” drifted from a couple of radios.

   “You know,” he commented, “This is a lot like Bricksburg. I mean, I don’t see any superheroes… just normal people doing normal stuff.”

   Wyldstyle rolled her eyes, grabbed her ball launcher and peeked out of the alley with Emmet.

   “Ever heard of secret identities?”

   “Uh… Well…”

   “Superheroes can’t just walk around everywhere in their super suits and let everyone know who they are! They have to keep their real names a secret. That’s why most of them wear masks.”

   A red clad figure swung low over them, holding onto a long, white string. He held out his other hand. Another string came out, secured itself somewhere in the clouds and held as the masked man swung yet again.

   “Like that guy?” Emmet asked.

   “Yeah. And I think that’s Spiderman.” The two walked out of the alleyway into the street. Emmet craned his neck upwards towards all the building tops. His eyes rested on the top of the one nearly right in front of them.

   “S-T-A-R-K… huh. Is that the name of a superhero? Or is that a secret identity?”

   “If it’s his secret identity, he’s not doing a very good job of keeping it secret.”

   “Which superhero is that?”

   “I’m not sure. I’m better with DC heroes than Marvel ones.” Wyldstyle clipped her ball launcher on her back and started casually walking towards Stark Tower. Emmet followed.

   They’d just gotten to the front door of the building when a motorbike sped up and screeched to a halt in the parking lot. A blond-haired man jumped off, carrying an extra head and a shield with a star. He ran up to the door and stopped next to Emmet, looking in through the glass siding.

   All three stood there silently for a few moments, but, as usual, Emmet’s curiosity won out over his politeness. He leaned forwards as far as he could, trying to get a good look at the shield.

   A red ring… silver ring… red ring… blue r… Thump!

   He could only bend over so far before falling over.

   Steve started and looked down at him worriedly.

   “Are you okay?” he asked, grabbing his arm and helping him to his feet, “What happened?”

   Emmet rubbed the back of his head. “Well… I was trying to get a closer look at your shield and fell over.”

   “Sorry. If you’d have asked, I would’ve shown you.” He held up the shield and smiled. Emmet walked closer and continued his examination.

   “Niiiice…” He ran his hand over the smooth surface, “That’s some pretty solid plastic there!” Emmet rapped his hand against the surface. Steve looked a little confused and ran his own hand over the shield.

   “Yeah, “ he muttered, “I suppose it is.” He shook his head, straightened up and held out his hand.

   “I’m Steve Rodgers, by the way.”

   “I’m Emmet. And this is Wyldstyle…” Emmet gestured in back of him and Wyldstyle waved.

   Steve waved back. Strange name, he thought, Maybe she’s a DJ.

   “Okay, well… I’ve got to go see the guy that owns this building, so…” he started towards the door.

   “We’ll come with you!” Emmet bounded in the door after him.




   “Jarvis, I thought that the customary coating for the outsides of things was paint,” Tony Stark ran his hand over a peeling up sticker on the front of a plane.

     “I’m sorry, sir. That was what came with the pieces. We don’t seem to have paint for the details anymore.”

   Tony sighed and walked over to the case that held his Iron Man suit. Jarvis didn’t seem to have a satisfactory explanation for anything else, so he decided not to mention the fact that the case was now plastic, not glass.

   And that wasn’t the only fishy thing. His suit was a totally different body. It was physically impossible to put it on. Not to mention the helmet was too small.

   “Sir, Captain Rodgers and two other people are here to see you. Shall I let them in?”

   “Yeah, sure. Go ahead.”

   The doors slid open and Steve, along with two people he didn’t recognize, walked into the room. Tony waved and came over beside them.

   “Hey, Rodgers. Nice to see you made some friends…” he glanced down to what he was carrying and faltered a little. “… and picked up a new… head.” Steve nodded,

   “I don’t know what exactly it’s for. Just found it next to my motorbike when I woke up in the middle of nowhere. You noticed anything weird going on? Or is it just me?”

   “It’s just you. I’d say things are past weird here.” Tony walked over to his suit, “Look…” he pulled out the helmet and tried to squeeze it on over his head. “It doesn’t fit anymore! Way too small.”

   “Uh, no.” Emmet stepped forward. “You’re doing it wrong.”

   Tony raised an eyebrow, “Really? Please,” he handed Emmet the helmet, “Enlighten me.”

   Emmet shrugged, “You forgot to take off your hair.”

   Before anyone could register the words, Emmet reached up, popped off Tony’s hair and clicked on the helmet. Steve stared.

   “What the…?” Tony grabbed at the helmet, “How…?”

   Wyldstyle raised her eyebrows. “That’s… just how things work around here. Wait, you didn’t know this before?”

   “Uh… no.”

   “Well,” said Emmet, “you can only have one thing on your head stud at a time, so you take off the hair to put on the helmet or hat that you want to put on. It works that way with pretty much everything.”

   Steve glanced down at the extra head under his arm. “So, you’re saying that if I want my mask on, I have to pop off my head and exchange it for this one?”

   “Yep. Want me to show you?” Emmet took a step towards him and Steve took a step back.

   “Noooo… I’m fine, thanks. I can just go without the mask for a bit.”

   “Sir…” came a somewhat robotic sounding voice over the intercom.

   “Yes, Jarvis?” Tony answered, pulling off the helmet and clicking back on his own hair.


   The door slammed open and Agent Clint Barton stood there, bow in hand.

   “…Barton is here to see you. Shall I let him in?”

   Tony put his helmet back in its case. “Yeah, sure. Why not?”

   Clint strode purposefully into the room. “Guys, I need your help.”

   “What’s the matter?” asked Steve.

   “It’s Natasha. She’s fallen down a giant pit and I can’t get her out. It’s not easy to get into either. Got some sort of… grating over the top.”

   “Oh, no,” Wyldstyle whispered.

   Emmet and Steve turned to her, “What?”

   “That’s the Shaft of Ventilation. I’ve seen a lot of good master builders fall down there. Even if they manage to keep their grip for a little bit, they get blown loose by a huge wind that blows through it ever half hour.

“It’s a never ending pit. No one has ever come back.”



Stay tuned for part 2!

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16 thoughts on “The New World

        1. Oh no! 😦 This was awesome fun, anyway. I’m planning on writing my Princess Bride/Sherlock crossover anyway. But it won’t be BBC Sherlock, it’ll be ACD Sherlock. 😉

  1. Oh… my… goodness… *rolls on floor laughing* Oh dear. Their reactions to now being Lego minifigures are so hilarious! X-P “Can’t you see the air quotes I’m making with my claw hands?” X-P
    I might just have to write one where Bad Cop wanders into the DC universe and gets mistaken for whatsisname who’s also played by Liam Neeson… X-P Bad Cop vs. Batman! Who would win!?
    Oh no! Natasha fell down the vent!!! 0_0 I hope they can rescue her! And will she become best friends with Wildstyle, since they’re so similar? Only time will tell… X-D

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