Blank Mastermind, Part 17: Bad News’s Method

The aforementioned “things going crazy” has begun. Our amnesiac villain’s henchman isn’t letting him go and betray his own plans without at least trying to get his memories back. After all, it was his former life goal… Wolfgang isn’t having any of it. He’s already promised to betray himself and already has partway. But you don’t… Read More Blank Mastermind, Part 17: Bad News’s Method

All I Can Be

Hi, everybody! I wrote this poem earlier today and thought I’d share. Most of the things in this poem are things I’ve imagined at one point or another. 😉   I’m not just staring, I’m thinking. Thinking of all I can be.   I’m not playing with math, I’m a navigator. Navigating a stormy sea.… Read More All I Can Be

The New World

A funny story I did mixing the lego movie, and avengers. There are avengers lego sets out there, and in the lego movie there are only DC heroes. So if a marvel world came…. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!        “A new world?” Emmet’s dot eyes widened. “That’s great! More places to explore! More… Read More The New World

Funny Valentines

Hi, everyone! I’ve been having too much fun with making valentines on, as proven by the pictures below.         And, the most sensitive and touching of all…       Feel free to use to give to your best friend (or worst enemy). Please comment! ~writefury