This week’s faithwriters topic is “Faith”, and I finished my story last night, so here it is. 🙂

The genre/setting deal may be a bit confusing, so I’ll explain.

This is set after the Tower of Babel dispersion, when everyone is spreading out all over the earth. Other than Abraham’s story, the bible is pretty vague on this area of history. 

If anyone has ever read The Peleg Chronicles, this is the same time, only I’m going at it from a nautical angle. Just trying to expand the Peleg Chronicles genre. 🙂

That being said, enjoy!

   “It’s bad luck, I tell you; Sailing over the roughest spot in the South Sea with a captain like this. A believer in Noah’s God! At this rate, Marduk will have us tossed into the sea at the next swell!”


   “Careful, Eamon. He’ll hear you.”


   “But he’s right, and you know it. We all know it. The gods will be angered that we’re submitting to this sort of captain.”


   “Only a mutiny will stop this.”


   “May the gods strengthen out arms.”






   The carrier pigeon was gone. Normally, a captain shouldn’t worry about small matters as this, but by the way my men were slinking around like dogs, I knew something was up.


   By no means had I expected an easy crew on this trip, judging by the amulets of Marduk and Baachus constantly clinking around their necks. I’d prayed fervently for guidance on whether to take this trip at all. The answer, obviously, was yes.




   My first mate appeared at my side, rubbing his amulets as all of them do when they’re near me.


   “Yes, Captain?”


“Mister Finnian, is there a reason why the carrier pigeon is gone?”


   “I’m sure that there is, Captain.”


   “I’m sure, too. Noah’s God has a reason for everything. I’m asking if there’s a reason that you know of.”


   Finnian’s hands tugged at his charms absently, “Someone probably left the door unlocked, Captain. T’wasn’t me.”


   I sighed, “Thank you, Mister Finnian, you are dismissed.”


   My first mate scrambled back up to the deck. I picked up the cage and put it in a corner with other things unneeded at the moment.


   Why would any of my men send it off? I thought, What message would they want to send? I bit my lip, looked out one of the portholes and started.


   Another ship, painted black with pitch and flying a red flag was approaching fast. I dashed up the stairs three at a time, reached the deck and ran to the railing.


   “Captain!” Finnian scurried up beside me, “Pirates!”


   I breathed a quick prayer to my creator for strength and wisdom, then spun and climbed to the helm of the ship.


   “Attention, men!”


   The worried murmuring on deck dissipated like a morning fog and all faces turned to me.


   “As all of you have noticed, we are about to be attacked by pirates. The situation is not a favorable one, but I know that with the help of the Lord we will prevail.”


   I pointed to a group of about five men, “You men, get the catapult up on deck. The rest of you, bring up the swords and bows.”


   The crew scuttled like crabs off to their jobs, muttering to each other out of the corners of their mouths things I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to hear. I cleared my throat,


   “I know many of you don’t embrace the God of Noah, but this would be an especially good time to consider your true maker. In the end, human strength is nothing. Faith is what saves, not amulets and idols.”


   The men stopped and looked up at me, squinting eyes and chewing lips. The silence was deafening.


   “We’ll see soon where your faith gets you, Captain.


   I barely had time to register the voice as Eamon’s before the world went black.

Tell me what you thought!


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