Happy Purim!

Happy Purim, folks!

Munch some hamantashen and enjoy the Maccabeats!

And some really, REALLY good teaching videos on Purim if you’re interested: Purim: Redeeming the Sin of Eden

What was your costume?
I was Black Widow from Iron Man 2

Though I wore cargo pants, not those skintight weird things.

And my little 7 year old brother was Captain America. We were a team, running a carnival fishing booth for the night. 🙂

Have a great day!

Purim Sameach!


9 thoughts on “Happy Purim!

  1. That sounds like such fun! 😀
    I’m actually working on making a Captain America costume that should fit me… It looks sort of like a coat and has a pocket on the sleeve. X-P I plan on using cargo pants to go with it, too… he looks so uncomfortable in Avengers… X-P
    Oh, I was going to ask. Out of all of us–irisbloom5, proverbs31teen, sarahtps, coruscantbookshelf, yourself, and myself, who would you vote for for deputy admin? (We’re working on a two-admin system, and I started up the blog, so I’m the first.) Also, we’ll eventually need an author bio (basically like your “about me” page), a character bio (including what his/her powers are, personality, etc.) And also, we’d like to know–how would your character bring the team together, if (s)he was going to found the team???

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