Book Review: Paralyzed Dreams

Book Review: Paralyzed Dreams



Fourteen-year-old Pam Wilson’s life is going perfectly. She and her best friend, Lauren, are becoming an amazing volleyball duo, and her dreams of playing in the Olympics are coming along wonderfully.

Then a car accident paralyzes Pam from the waist down, and her dreams for her life are shattered. No more volleyball, no more walking, no more future.


What I Thought:

I really liked this book! It was very thought provoking and captured the difficulty of adjusting to a new life. It definitely left me wondering what I would do if I lost the ability to walk.

Pam wasn’t described too much in herself, but that worked to the author’s advantage, enabling the reader to insert themselves into her position.

The ending was really sweet and a wonderful character arc was made.

Overall, a really inspiring, well-written, Christian book.

Highly recommend this book!


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A short author bio:

C.B. Cook is a teen author with many short stories under her belt, and now a published novella, Paralyzed Dreams. She has been blogging for over a year and is working on writing a middle grade fantasy series. When she’s not balancing homework or writing, she can often be found messing around in Photoshop or talking to her dog. You can visit her at and

Go check it out!


9 thoughts on “Book Review: Paralyzed Dreams

    1. You’re welcome! 😀 Loved the book!
      It was funny reading it. I mean, it sounded just like you write in all your posts and comments, but it was in book format. 😛

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