A Lamb’s Tale

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A story about lambs… how fitting for the Irish holiday. 😛

This is going to be my last Faithwriters entry for a while. I got my membership for my birthday last year, and my birthday is tomorrow, so it’s expiring.

It’s been a great year doing the Faithwriters Challenge and I highly recommend to anyone who would like to sign up!


My writing has been greatly improved by it in the past year.

Thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂 ❤

So, anyway. This topic is Love, and the story idea came from my sister, so Thanks  sprinklesquink! 🙂


A Lamb’s Tale


What’s beyond the fence?


I peeked through the slats into the world I’d never touched. It looked so exciting. No boring, flat landscape and neat, trimmed grass.


“The fence? Oh, yeah. I’ve been over it a million times.”


It was Billy, one of the older sheep. Though I’d always wondered whether he was really a sheep, judging by his small horns and beard.


He tipped his head and smiled at me. “Well? What are you waiting for?”


I backed away in horror, “B-but the shepherd said never to cross it. That it was put there for our protection,” I objected, though a part of me still wanted to cross.


Billy bleated out a laugh, “The Shepherd? He doesn’t want any of us to have any fun. Everyone crosses it eventually, it’s just part of being a sheep. I’ve even heard of some sheep that decided to stay over there!”


I stared quietly, though my mind was spinning itself in circles trying to decide what to do. Billy grinned,


“If you cross, tell me how it was. I like the view over that ridge over there the best.” He gestured with his hoof. Billy turned and trotted back to his circle of “cool sheep”, who looked quite a lot like him.


Maybe he’s right. I looked over the fence. It looks harmless enough, and the Shepherd never lets me do anything fun. I’ll just go for a little bit. He probably won’t even notice I’m gone.


And with my final decision, I took the one, dreaded leap over the fence and landed in the grass on the other side. There was a feeling of exciting danger on this side, one I’d never felt before.


“Where should I go first?” I looked around, “Well, Billy said the view up there was good. Why not try that?”


I skipped through the strangely pokey grass up the ridge, ignoring the occasional sharp rocks in my hooves.


Why have I never tried this before? I thought, This place is awesome!


I reached the top of the ridge, took a deep breath and looked over the ridge, fully expecting to be thrilled. But the emotion the view elicited was one of shock.


Thorns grew in tangled masses throughout the valley and thistles made up most of the grass. The majestic mountain in the background was actually a smoldering volcano and slinking, predatory figures seemed around every rock.


I backed away, frightened and suddenly wishing for the Shepherd’s presence beside me. A voice from behind me made me jump.


“Welcome to The Valley of the Shadow of Death, little lamb,” it purred. I spun and saw a Cougar, twitching its tail and smiling evilly. “May I be the first to welcome you.” I backed away, but lost my footing on the edge and slipped.


I bleated in fright as thorns pulled at me from all sides. The rocks jabbed into me as I rolled over them and it seemed as though the fall would never end, but finally I skidded to a stop. Shakily I got to my feet and looked around and up. A scared feeling came over me.


There was no way of getting back. I had no right to do so. I’d disobeyed the Shepherd’s only orders to me. I was no longer one of his flock and undeserving of his love.


I belong here now


Blinking back tears, I embraced the darkness.






There hadn’t been rain for weeks and even the thistles were dying out. Hopefully, I glanced around another corner in hope of grass, but found none. An image of the green meadow I used to call home danced in my head. I shook it away and tried to keep walking, but stumbled on the rocks and fell.


I lay there, feeling hollow inside for more than one reason, and began to cry.


No one loved me anymore. I didn’t deserve love. Especially not the love of the Shepherd I’d disobeyed.


I cried until there was nothing left, then lay there and waited. Waited for something to end it all. The lions would find me eventually.


“My lamb!”


Was that the Shepherd’s voice? No, I must be imagining things.


Suddenly, strong arms scooped me up. “I’ve found you!” said a familiar voice. I opened my eyes and saw the face of my Shepherd smiling down at me.


And as he carried me on his shoulders out of the valley, I was certain I’d never doubt his love and forgiveness again.



Please tell me what you thought!


P.S. Stay tuned! I’m going to be making a book out of all my faithwriters stories soon. I’ll put up info here when I do. This story and many more will be included!

Any thoughts?

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