Driving Poem

School assignment: Write a poem about something you learned the hard way. 

Well, I learned something recently the very hard way. 

So here’s my poem.


 One foot for each pedal 

 That’s how it shouldn’t be. 

 Or all that metal in the shape of a car 

Will go smashing through all those nice bricks. 


As you can see, I am learning to drive.

Have a nice day and please comment!


6 thoughts on “Driving Poem

      1. Oh goodness! The worst I’ve done is run over a curb… *cough* Okay, so maybe I’ve done that several times… In my defense, the first time I was doing a U-turn for the first time. The second time the curb was in a place it shouldn’t even be… why would you make a curb stick out into a parking lot???? Why???????

        1. Well, actually that was my second time driving. And doing a complete turnaround at the end of our long driveway. But, hey! At least it was our bricks and dad was a total rock star about it. He said he wanted to redo our gates anyway. 😉

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