A New World, Part 3

Hello, folks!

Well, I finally finished it. A New World, my Lego Movie-Avengers story, is officially done and finished. I hope you enjoy our last installment! Hope you don’t mind that it’s very long…. and don’t worry, the weird featured image will be explained soon. 😉

For those of you who are new, here are parts 1 and 2

A New World, Part 1

A New World, Part 2



Mentally kicking himself, Tony spun the crank to pull up the rope. The load was now much lighter, thanks to him.


I knew that rope didn’t look secure. Rogers should have never gone down there. I should have held him off for just a few more minutes. We could have probably gotten another rope, spun the two together really quick and we’d all be fine by now.


The frayed end of the rope whipped up over the edge and Tony cranked it in a little closer. Picking it up, he rolled it between his fingers and bit his tongue in frustration. Tony looked at it for a few more seconds, then sighed and set it down.


“Hey, Crazy-style, do we have any more of those ropes? I’d need to double it to haul them up, so at least we have to get two ropes long enough to reach down there.”


Wyldstyle raised her eyebrows, “It’s Wyldstyle… and no, we don’t have nearly enough rope to get all the way down there. Rope is what we call a ‘Rare Piece.’ There’s barely any to be had.”


“Captain!” Hawkeye called down the shaft.


“Will you give it up?” snapped Tony, “They can’t hear us. And even if they could, they’re probably unconscious.”


“Natasha!” Clint’s voice echoed a few times, then faded away. He sat back on his heels and looked frustrated.


“We just need to think. We’ll come up with something,” Wyldstyle soothed, “There are enough people here, we should stumble across at least some good idea.


“Big help that other guy’s being,” Tony said. “He ran off almost as soon as the rope snapped.” He frowned, “Where is he anyway?”




Everyone else had given up on finding The Cloth of Handkerchief long ago. According to legends, it was hidden in one of the Lego worlds, but all the known worlds had been searched and nothing was found. All talk of The Cloth was scorned as fairy tales and almost all searches for it were abandoned. All worlds had been explored. The Cloth was nowhere.


But, this was one world that hadn’t been searched. And Emmet wasn’t about to forget about a lost relic. Especially one that could save his friends.


Emmet stopped running for a minute to catch his breath and glanced around. All the different theories for where it would be found scrolled through his mind.


By a forest. Under a dome. In a cave. On top of a building. I don’t really see any of those… wasn’t there one more?


He turned and looked to his left, away from the city. The brick sky met with the land in a solid line, except for one bulge.


Funny. What’s that doing there? Then he remembered the last one.


Tucked against the sky.


That bulge is a secret hiding place!


Emmet ran, stumbling over scattered bricks until he reached the bulge. A studded disc capped one end and Emmet picked up another piece to wedge it off. He stuck it right at the edge, made sure it was secure and pushed down.


The cap flexed, there was a creaking noise and a few studs popped apart. Emmet stopped for a minute to get his breath and then went at it again. He groaned with the effort and his cheeks reddened. There was one final pop and Emmet ducked as the disc slammed to the ground.


A faint musty smell came from the hiding place and nothing was visible inside. Emmet swung a leg over and walked slowly towards the darkness in the other end, barely daring to breathe. He hadn’t gone more than five steps when his foot hitched up on something soft. Reaching down, Emmet pulled his foot free. Light hit the cloth as he pulled it up and he gasped.


It was red with black and white patterns. Just as the legends had said.


He had found The Cloth of Handkerchief.




Natasha opened her eyes and blinked a few times, adjusting to the darkness. A soft breeze whisked over her, making strange sounds as it continued to move up the shaft. Shuddering, she sat up and squinted around her. There was a small slit in the side of the vent that let in enough light to see by and just beyond them, the shaft branched off into two. Natasha looked to the side.


Steve lay still on his side. His shield had unclipped from his back and sat skidded off to the side, dented by the impact.


“Captain,” Nat shook his shoulder, but got no response.


“Hey, look. One of ‘em’s awake.”


“Big deal. Get back here.”


Jumping at the quiet voice,s Natasha spun towards the left hand vent. Nothing appeared to be there.


“Hello?” her voice bounced off the metallic sides of the vent shaft and a chorus of: “-lo?… –lo?… –lo?”


A scuffling sound came from the left vent. Natasha took in a shuddering breath and nudged Steve again.


“Hey. Now would be a nice time for Captain America to wake up.”


Steve moaned softly and rolled to his back, but his eyes still didn’t open. Then he took a couple of slow, pained blinks and looked like he was trying to focus on the ceiling.


“You okay?”


“Yeah, I think so,” he sat up and winced, “My head’s felt better. Are you all right?”


“I’m fine. Except that there’s someone in that vent.” Nat nodded towards the left.


“Just what we need,” Steve sighed. He quickly spotted his shield, grabbed it and stood. “I’ll go investigate. You stay here.”


“I can help. Won’t you need backup?”


“Hey. This is my rescue mission, and I’m supposed to rescue you. You can at least give me the dignity of doing the gentlemanly thing and protecting you, even if I failed miserably at my first attempt.”


Not giving her any more time to protest, he started towards the rest of the dark vent, wincing as each step clanged dramatically on the ground.


He stopped right at the corner and listened for a moment. A couple of small voices carried on what sounded like a pleasant conversation, even if he couldn’t hear all the words.


“Is someone in there?” Steve said, remembering to keep his voice quieter considering the echo.


The voices stopped for a second and there were a few whispers. Then a voice came back,




“Friends or enemies?”


“’Civilians’ was the word we were labeled with on the box.”


Steve peeked around the edge.


Two paint-chipped Lego minifigures stood next to a small, glowing brick and seemed to be trying to stitch together some receipts with lint.


Steve stepped out and squinted at what they were doing. He opened his mouth to ask, but thought better and closed it. The minifigure with black hair sighed.


“Don’t say it. It’s horrible looking isn’t it?” he sat down with a clatter and out his head on his hands.


“Jonathan, it’s fine. This is just the beginning phase. It’ll look better tomorrow,” said the minifigure with blond hair. He looked up and waved at Steve, “Hi. I’m Michael and he’s Jonathan. We’re trying to get out of here and you’re welcome to join us if you want.”


“Alright,” Steve took a few steps towards them, “What exactly are you making?”


“It’s supposed to be a glider to catch the air that blows through here,” Jonathan mumbled through his hands, “A big gust comes through every day around this time and blows up and out the vent.” He raised his head, “But it’s not sturdy enough to hold up. We’re trying to improve it.”


“Steve?” Natasha’s voice came from far away, “Is it okay?”


“Yeah,” Steve called back, “Come ahead. It’s just a few civilians. They might be able to help us out of here.” He glanced at the little receipt glider and coughed, “But don’t count on it. Hey, are there any receipts near you?”




“Hey, guys! I did it! Look, they’re saved!”


Tony turned away from his paper of scribbled out plans at Emmet’s voice.


A flapping sheet of patterned red billowed out behind Emmet as he scrambled towards them. He was barely keeping his balance against the enormous cloth.


“Umm…” Tony tapped Wyldstyle on the shoulder, “Excuse me, any ideas what he’s carrying?”


Wyldstyle turned and her eyes widened, “You’re kidding.” She took off running towards Emmet, “You found it!”


“Yeah!” Emmet stopped next to the vent and caught his breath, “The Cloth of Handkerchief. Now come on. We need to get this threaded through to the vent. It might be long enough to reach them down there.”




“Hello?” what sounded like Clint’s voice echoed down the tube.


Michael jumped, “What’s that? Is someone up there?”


“Quite a few someones actually.” Steve ran out to where they’d first fallen.


“We can hear you!” he called up, “Do you guys have any more rope?”


“No.” That time it was Tony’s voice, “But we have Godzilla’s handkerchief, and we’re hoping that’ll be long enough. Stay where you are! We’re letting it down now.”


Steve took in a sharp breath,


“Guys! Come out here! They’ve got something to pull us up!” The other three ran out to join him and craned their necks up towards the red thing that was snaking down towards them from so far away.


Closer and closer it came until they could just start to make out the pattern, then it stopped.


They waited for it to come closer.


“Well? Hop on!” Emmet’s voice called.


“It’s not down to us yet. Do you have any more?”


“We can try. Here… lemme see…”


“Emmet, watch out! You’re gonna…”


The handkerchief went limp and slid the rest of the way down into a heap in front of them. Steve’s heart sank.


Angry voice sounded from above at Emmet’s apologetic one.


“It’s okay, guys,” Natasha said, “We’ll figure out something.”


A clattering came from in back of them. Steve turned,


“What’s that?”


“That’s the noise that happens a few second before the blower comes on. It’s really hard to even stand when it starts up the wind is so strong. We’d better get back in the other vent.”


Michael, Jonathan and Natasha started walking back.


“Wait.” Steve closed his eyes in thought.


Would it work? Is it worth the risk off falling down further?


“What is it, Steve?” Natasha asked.


A gust of wind blew, wobbling them where they stood.


“No time to explain. Everyone, grab a corner of the handkerchief! Quickly!” He threw the one he was holding to Natasha and unfolded the rest of the cloth to find the other corners.


Steve threw one corner to Jonathan. Another went to Michael. A dull rumble seemed to be coming up from the bottom of the vent.


“Here it comes…” Jonathan plugged an ear with one hand.


“No. Both hands on the corner.”


Where is that last one?


Finally, underneath a fold of the cloth, Steve found the last corner and held on just as a ferocious roar of wind came blasting up from the gaping mouth of the vent shaft.


“Everyone hang on!” His voice was barely audible, but they seemed to understand. The red handkerchief billowed up, inflated with the wind and shot up the tube, carrying all four of them with it.


“Tony!” Steve yelled up, “Take off the vent cover!” His voice was lost in the blast.


The silver sides shot past and the world gradually got lighter, then it stopped with a jolt. The handkerchief had come to a rest against the top of the vent.


“What the…?” Tony started.


“Take off the vent cover! Before it stops blowing and we drop back down!” Natasha shouted, “Quick!”


Clint, Tony, Wyldstyle and Emmet ran to the four corners and pulled up as hard as they could. The cover popped up just over the edge. Clint and Tony pulled on their side to open up a side and the other two ran over to help. Metal scraped on metal with a high-pitched grating sound. Slowly, the vent moved aside enough to let the handkerchief up.


The red, black and white parachute floated just above the vent, enough for Natasha and Michael to get their feet down. As soon as they had enough footing, they turned around and started pulling in the others.


The handkerchief wavered in the air as the pocket got smaller and smaller. Steve and Jonathan were almost there when it deflated and left them both dangling over the edge for a few seconds until Nat and Michael pulled them in.


They stood there, catching their breath and looking ready to fall over.


“Wow. Quite the adventure, huh, guys?” commented Clint as the sound of the air rushing up through the vent quieted. Steve gave a slow nod, still breathing hard,


“Yes. But not one I’d want to repeat anytime soon. Please close the vent.”



(And a short little mile marker, this is my 150th post! :D)


Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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12 thoughts on “A New World, Part 3

    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂 *suffocating with happiness*
      I was actually going into our Lego room and messing with lego guys and threading my hanky down the vent for study this morning. XD

        1. Yeah, my little 7 year old brother was in there building and he was watching me like “What on earth are you doing?”
          The Lego guy-to-handkerchief scale is pretty accurate, except for Emmet running with it. He’d more be dragging it for a while…

    1. Yeah, it was a pretty good closing line. XD Totally Steve.
      What?! Legos? Like actual Legos? O_o Sweeeeet….
      You should totally! “Hmm… the sonic screwdriver doesn’t light up anymore… and it’s bigger, too.”

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