All I Can Be

Hi, everybody!

I wrote this poem earlier today and thought I’d share.

Most of the things in this poem are things I’ve imagined at one point or another. 😉


I’m not just staring, I’m thinking.

Thinking of all I can be.


I’m not playing with math, I’m a navigator.

Navigating a stormy sea.


I’m not on a bed with a blanket.

I’m tucked under an eagle’s wing.


And this thing that I’m on is a rocketship,

Not just a playground swing.


The mess in my room isn’t mine,

I’m a poor slave forced to clean it up.


And I haven’t decided what it does yet,

But there’s an amazing elixir in my cup.


This isn’t people watching from a tree,

I’m scouting for enemy spies.


My hammock goes below deck on a ship

As soon as I close my eyes.


The trees in my yard are Sherwood Forest

And I am Robin Hood.


My bike is a steed and I am the rider,

A noble defender of good.


And when people say I’m nothing

I just smile at their lies.


I am not what I seem, you see.

I’m a hero in disguise.


Hope you liked it!

Do you have a favorite line or verse?

Please comment and tell me!


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