Trees, Rocks, Oceans and Sailboats

I love taking pictures at beaches. At this particular beach (some of you may remember Bowman Bay) I took a few more pictures than I intended. *cough* Let’s leave it at a little over 120. And they were all amazingly gorgeous (did I mention I love my new camera?).

 I had a terrible time choosing my favorites, but I managed to narrow it down to a particularly amazing 12.

So, here they are!

First, the trees:



I love how this reflected on the water!



Now, the rocks:


Bit of a weird focus there, but the coloring turned out well.



The ocean:

I’m sunset spoiled.


I’m amazingly happy with how this one turned out. I can almost call myself a photographer now. 🙂


A little bird (forgive me. I didn’t think to include it in the post title):

Thank you, little swallow for standing on a reflective dock rail for me. You made me very happy. 🙂


And, last but definitely not least, the sailboats:


Off to explore some little island. Well, it actually went right past it. But, shhh…
Boats are just so cool.
Boats are just so cool.

In other words, I could just be happy here forever taking awesome pictures and ogling at boats.

Hope you enjoyed! 

What were your favorite pictures?

Please comment!


22 thoughts on “Trees, Rocks, Oceans and Sailboats

  1. That is so cool. I love the way you can just tell a story through pictures, no words. Hmm, that would make an AWESOME Nanowrimo rebel project!!!! Thirty days of drawings, no words. ^_^ And just using a random text generator to fill out desired word count. I’d have to go for 30k, because each picture is worth a thousand words ;-P
    Anyway, I’m not absolutely sure that’s a swallow… Where were you, anyway? It’s gorgeous, wherever you were. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I like it! XD shove the metaphor in their faces. “What? A picture is worth a thousand words!”
      I was at Bowman Bay. It’s in Washington near Deception Pass, which is considerably more famous. We just found it by following a sign since we’d never heard of it before and it was really cool. 🙂 It has such amazing views of the sea! I’d just die if I wasn’t next to the ocean. 😛

          1. It’s nice, as long as you bring shoes. I read something once that said “In Washington, our beaches are made of rocks. Because sand is for sissies.” XD I was still laughing days later.

          2. *rolls on floor laughing* I made the mistake of wearing dress shoes to the March for Life. Though that was in DC. But it was the coldest winter DC had had in a while. 😛

          3. Yeah, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing only my super tough ankle hiking boots anywhere. They look awesome poking out from under the edge of a skirt. XD
            But, hey! Better to be prepared, right? 😉

          4. Yeah, my brother’s the one with combat boots in our family. Those are like the only shoes he has. They look like bucky’s boots, actually. 😉

          5. She got them because she was in Civil Air Patrol and is going to attend the Air Force academy this fall. 😛
            (Someone in the mind palace gave Steve cowboy boots. He gave them to Coulson. Coulson wears them when he’s not on duty. It’s kinda funny, but awesome, because Coulson rocks.)

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