My 3rd Liebster

Hey, guys!

Daisy from A Bookish Flower nominated me for another Liebster award a few days ago. Thank you, Daisy! That’s the good thing about Liebsters: The questions change and it’s always fun. 🙂


So, anyway. Here are the questions:


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Oh, man. Hard one… Well, finishing writing any book is a great accomplishment, and I’ve done that thrice now. I’d say either that, or staying for the birth of my sister was big too. I got to call whether she was a girl or boy, and *ahem* cried a little because I was happy she was a girl. What? After five brothers in between, it’s a little unexpected. That was the first time I got so tired I practically fell asleep standing, and also the first time I made oven pancakes at midnight.

First time for everything, I guess. 😉


What song would you say best sums you up?

I mostly have all worship songs and soundtracks on my iPod, I don’t have a lot to choose from. I’ll say Fix My Eyes, by For King & Country, just to keep my life vision clear.


If you could change the ending to any book, what book would you choose, and how would you end it?

Dead End, the last book in the Red Rock Mysteries series. I highly recommend all the books in the series but that one. I mean, seriously! Absolutely none of the plots are resolved in the end.

The mystery Bryce was solving ends nicely, but he isn’t there to see it. Ashley fails in bringing her friend to God. The bad guy that killed their dad gets away. Their dog gets killed for no reason. Their stepdad and sister don’t come to God after the whole series of buildup for it. Their house gets blown up and for security reasons they have to move and all their friends can’t know that they didn’t die in the explosion.

What the heck? What way is that to end a series?

Anyway. How I’d end it is just tie up the plots at the end and make it the good ending that series deserves.


Can you watch long movies?

Sometimes… If not all at once, then in increments. I can watch Pride and Prejudice, so that kind of seals it. 😉


What’s your favorite outfit? (Pictures please!)

I really like layering tees and long sleeves. And for modesty reasons, my sis and I wear skirts most of the time, though I do like jeans better for doing things in. My favorite skirt is denim with pockets.

I’ll just repost this picture of me wearing my favorite shirt, layered with a long sleeved shirt and I’m wearing my denim skirt.


The shirt is Wind & Sea by Slow Loris shirts


Favorite party food?

Cookies or popcorn. Something homemade.


If you could sum up the year you were born in, in one picture, what picture would that be?

I’m not up to scratch on recent history, so 1999 doesn’t bring any particular images to mind, and I couldn’t find any pictures for people freaking out about Y2K. So, I’ll put up a picture from a very small part of 1999. Apparently, it was also the year my favorite Horatio Hornblower episode, The Duchess and the Devil came out, so here’s a picture from that. 😉

Horatio Hornblower on the left, Archie Kennedy on the right


Are you a fangirl or are you a casual fan? (Book, Movie, TV show, Band, ect…)


I’m not well versed in the world of “fangirl” things, so I’ll just say I’m a big fan. And my chosen book series is The Peleg Chronicles. They’re very Godly, the morals and story are amazing. They’re just my favorite. 🙂


Fairies or Mermaids?

Um… not particularly into either. But I’ll say Mermaids, since they’re ocean going.


Favorite childhood show?

If you’re talking “childhood” as in like up to 6 years, then Sesame Street and Bob the Builder. After that, we didn’t really have live TV, so not a lot of shows were around. But a little bit more in recent years, we got Riders of Berk from Costco and those were pretty good.


Are you willing to try new food?

Yes, I’m generally food adventurous. New flavors are awesome! 🙂


Here are my 11 questions:


You are given plane tickets to and from anywhere you want. Where would you go?

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

What’s your favorite crayon color?

Would you rather be a pilot or the captain of a ship?

You can have one day with any book character. Who would you choose and what would you do together?

Why did you start your blog?

What is your favorite thing you’ve written or drawn?

Favorite author from days gone by? (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, Jane Austen…)

Favorite quote from that author?

What’s your favorite part of the landscape where you live?

Can you play an instrument? If so, what?

Mostly all the bloggers I know have already had Liebster Awards, so I’ll just nominate the one I know that hasn’t.


And, I nominate:


And if you’re reading this…

I want YOU…

Please feel free to fill in the rest of the 11 if you wish! Just comment that you want to and I’ll add you to the list. 🙂

Have a great day and feel free to answer the questions if you want!


26 thoughts on “My 3rd Liebster

  1. *pops out of the Tardis* Oh, hello!
    Sorry. I just dropped by to say Hi because I keep forgetting to. Also, my five-year-old sister watched Hornblower with me and said she wanted to ruffle up Horatio’s hair. :-3 Darling baby X-D
    Anyway, just got back from a long mixed-up trip in the mind palace, not the least moment of which was getting mistaken for Horatio’s sister (seriously? My hair’s even curlier, lighter, and actually dark auburn if you look closely at it.) Or a drowned rat. (while wearing his coat. It actually was a bit big for me. We got caught in a downpour and used my bag as an umbrella.)

    1. Wow! Sounds like an adventure… 🙂 I actually found Horatio’s uniform for sale on etsy the other day. 😀 maybe someday when I have $450 to spend… 😉

      1. Can you send me a link? 😉
        In other news, I’ve been trying to make a replica uniform. Basically what I’ve tried so far involves combining a bunch of patterns. Who needs the instructions? 😛

          1. COOL X-D Though, this makes me think of Mr. Bush… did you know that the actor who plays William Bush also played the Doctor for a while?! Sooner or later, it seems like every British actor has a cameo or otherwise on Doctor Who. 0_0

          2. Cool! Yeah, I think I saw an Aardman Pirates thing where the 9th (maybe 10th? I’m not sure…) doctor played Charles Darwin. That’s British too… 😉

          3. Ummmmm… that went right over my head.
            But I’m doing a sort of Doctor-Who-Adventures-as-cats fun thing, so it should help a bit. You’ll at least get an idea of the show 😛

          4. I was affirming your comment that most British actors show up in dr who at some point. I just can’t remember the actor’s name, so I was referring to another of his roles. 😛

          5. Who?
            (Richard E. Grant. I’d get behind it for Grant playing the Doctor. And maybe Ioan Gruffud, who played Hornblower, would do well in the role too… Not sure, though. He plays these characters brilliantly, but I’m not sure–in Hornblower, he played up his human side a bit more–Horatio, the character, kind of hates himself for that, feeling like his emotions are a weakness when he’s trying to be more logical.)

          6. It was David someone… Dark hair and eyes. Epic eyebrow raise and an almost little kid-ish smile.
            *facepalm* trying to remember the last name…

          7. Definitely. David Tennant. Aka the Tenth Doctor. (Adorkable–my 14-year-old sister says that is a word. He really is. There was one time when he was snuggling with a kitten–it was too cute! Even funnier because earlier he’d told Rose that he “wasn’t a cat person.” Fibber. X-D Anyway, I think he was pretty much the fan-favorite Doctor, and I can see why. I also liked the Christopher Eccleston doctor… Christopher Eccleston is an amazing actor!!!)

          8. It’s hilarious if you watch the special features, because the bloopers with him in them are always the best. X-D
            Oh, and he’s actually Scottish. I emailed Iris to that effect–he was doing an impression of William Wallace, fighting in single combat, ON an alien spaceship up in the atmosphere, IN pajamas! So I emailed Iris and said “This new Doctor–the actor has GOT to be Scottish. Only a Scot could pull that off.” And she said “Actually, you’re right.” 😛

          9. X-P
            Did you know that there might be sets coming out for themes that don’t really exist on a broad scale? LEGO actually gets ideas from users on their web site. Make your own set, upload designs, they review them and get back to you on whether or not they’d like to make it into a set. There’s a DeLorean out so far, and my brother says the TARDIS is next. I already have the DeLorean. I just need to put it back together. *sigh*

    1. Thanks for nominating me! It was fun! 😀 I was stumped on the “year I was born” thing, until I saw the release date on The Duchess and the Devil… 😉 why not?

  2. I could fangirl forever about Hornblower. ❤ *happy sigh over that picture* ARCHIE IS ADORABLE. My elder sister actually named her kid Archie, and she's not seen Hornblower, BUT I AHVE. So I can't even look at the kid without thinking of Hornblower's Archie. xD Bush is my favourite though. BUUUUSH.
    I love your shirt!!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS. Dragons: Riders of Berk/Defenders of Berk is the best. It’s unexpectedly good, and actually has a plot to further. It’s not stupid like “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness” is…. By the way, I think that HTTYD, Rise of the Guardians, and Big Hero Six would make THE BEST CROSSOVER EVER!!!!

    1. I know! It’s really good. The animation is a little funky, but on a cartoon budget it’s not bad. Just when you’re looking at the movie and the show side by side. 😛

        1. Oh, gosh. That one was ridiculously awesome. XD Those stories were great. The only one I distinctly remember not liking was Thawfest. *shudders* People! Hiccup is not a showoff, so stop trying to make him one! 😛

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