One Day More: A Les Mis Song, Starring Socks

Hey, guys!

I’ve tried to put this video up before, but it didn’t work, seeing as I didn’t realize the miracle of Google Drive.

A quick explanation of what exactly this strange video is.

Once upon a time, my sister (sprinklesquink) and I got these colorful KB socks. The problem with colorful socks is that once the pair to one is lost, you’ll never find another one to match it. So, that’s the sad fate that befell our socks. Many lonely, rainbow colored socks lay in a drawer, unable to be worn.

But, out of this hopeless situation, SprinkleSquink and I found the good in things and finally found the only other thing we could possibly do with our poor socks.

Our socks would sing songs from Les Misrables and the sun would shine once again.

This video shows the hope of unpaired socks who have found their purpose.

(I am the socks on the left side of the stage, SprinkleSquink is the socks on the right.)

Turn up the volume as loud as it will go, the sound is really quiet.


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.48.16 AM

One Day More: Starring Socks


White Sock: Jean Valjean

Pink Sock: Cosette

Blue Sock: Marius

Green Sock: Eponine

Orange Sock: Enjoras

Another White Sock: Rebel Soldier

Yellow Sock: Javert

Strangely Colored Socks: The Thenardiers


Has this story of socks finding their purpose inspired you?

Please tell me what you thought!


9 thoughts on “One Day More: A Les Mis Song, Starring Socks

    1. Haha, thanks! 😀 I have to admit… Enjoras was my favorite there. The dramatic entrance and all. The fiery orange sock. XD
      Oho yes! That httyd song! I don’t think let it go would work as well. We’ve done solos, but it’s usually better if there’s more than one sock. 😛 The other les mis song we did was when eponine screamed to warn them about Thenardier. That was fun, but a little out of reference.
      And another really awesome sock puppet thing was when my sister did the battle of wits from The Princess Bride. She forgot half the banter and went straight from “I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you” to “Wait till I get going!” XD

      1. X-D The orange sock X-D
        Oh my goodness… it sounds so EPIC. X-D
        Oooh, battle of wits? Between Vizzini, Westley and the Doctor? THAT WOULD BE SO EPIC. Only it had better not be “to the death” because the Doctor would just regenerate and that’s a bit of an unfair advantage, wouldn’t you say? 😛

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