Happy, Rainy Day

This post is going to be a little jam-packed because I have a lot I want to put up, but keep in mind that it’s all in the name of sharing a good day.

I don’t usually post about my life, but this is sort of an exception. I have pictures, a song, a good book and many happy rambles to share.

Usually, Fridays are some of the more stressful days of the week. We keep Shabbat on the 7th day of the week, Saturday, so we do our baking and cleaning stuff on Friday.

But, this Friday was the best day of the week so far, in my opinion. I shall try and be organized in my excuses for unreasonable, rainy-day joy

  1. I got to help pick blackberries for pie.

2. I got a new haircut and my curly hair is super springy and fun to play with. Having curly hair isn’t always awesome, but after a good haircut is about as awesome as it gets.

3. IT’S RAINING! Rain actually tempts me to go outside more than sun, most of the time. And I got plenty of excuses to go outside.

4. We got to bake a whole bunch of stuff.

5. I finished a really good mystery book by Josephine Tey, and figured out the solution at the same time as the main character (book review pending on this one). So I have that wonderful feeling after finishing a great book, plus the feeling that I’m smart. πŸ˜‰ And I looked on the library site… there are 4 more books starring Alan Grant! I’ve already read 2, and they’re great. So, I ordered those and I’m excited about that. πŸ˜€

6. I love my family. A lot. ❀

7. Tomorrow is Shabbat! Which means we get to sleep in as late as we can, eat goodies and see friends. πŸ˜€ Shabbat Shalom, guys!


Okay, so now my other things.

Pictures, all taken today:






Black and white blackberries. πŸ™‚




Our chimney, with smoke coming out of it for the first time in a while.









Raindrops cling to grass in the coolest ways. πŸ™‚





One of the many old barns around




My parent’s bedroom window with books on the sill.




Blackberry vine.




Challah and our abundance of goodies.



My awesome new book I finished today. And I got it off a “free books” shelf in the library! How good does it get? πŸ˜‰



Cozy fireplace. πŸ™‚


And a song I was listening to out in the rain. The combination of the two for some reason just made me really happy. I was smiling really big all my way out to get the bucket out of our cow’s field. And getting buckets isn’t something awesome, so I think it was the music and the rain. πŸ™‚


If it isn’t already obvious, I’m in a ridiculously good mood.

Β Anyway, if you got all the way through that, thanks for putting up with my happiness and inordinate amount of smileys.

Hope you had as great a day as I did! And if not, I hope I was able to brighten your day. πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Happy, Rainy Day

  1. I simply love rain but unfortunately here everything is covered in dust and leaves. I really can’t wait for the first summer rain of this year.
    Your photo’s look great by the way.

    1. I know! Piano guys are awesome. It would take forever to play that good. πŸ˜› I can play a little bit of the song “Pineapple Rag” from The Sting. But only the right hand part.

  2. Hi! I’m actually sprinklesquink. I have done a few guest posts and I LOVE THE BLACKBERRY AND GRASS AND BULLWINKLE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE the rain as well! πŸ™‚

          1. Yup. It’s probably not entirely safe. πŸ˜› It keeps on breaking down in ways we didn’t even know were possible (like the bathtub wants to fall into the garage…) but we still love it.
            Did I tell you about the time when the ceiling of the church basement literally fell in? X-D

          2. Oh, good. I thought you were in there when the ceiling caved in. XP
            Once our sink head was going crazy when my brother took off the top to replace it without turning off the water. Our sinks are the only thing really crazy that’s happened in our house. πŸ˜›
            That, and we’re right in the bend of a river, so we get to be an island when it floods.

          3. I was not. I almost wish I was. πŸ˜› Our pastor speculated that there was water damage and also the procession around the church had put stress on the insulation/roof of the room below, causing it to cave in. It’s been fixed since. πŸ˜‰
            IKR?! I made that mistake once X-D
            Fun ^_^

          4. Crazy! πŸ˜› yeah, we’ve never had any cave in stuff. Unless you count the Oso mudslide. That was upriver from us and we had to evacuate in case it broke loose and flooded everything really bad.
            The sink was pretty crazy. I was notoriously the only one not freaking out. Dad couldn’t even hear me when I called him to ask about the water shutoff. XP
            Squink and I were reminded of a certain Calvin and Hobbes comic part…
            “Doo dee doo… I just need a bucked to hold some stuff…”

          5. Not sure. March 2014, I believe. I did a fundraiser for the K9 team back when it happened. Though not a lot of people went for it. (People! I said buy a book, or pass it on! Not “like” my post… )

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