Beautiful People August: Jean & Cobalt

Hey, everyone!

I’ve seen this chain around a few times, but it never really grabbed me before. But this month, the theme was friends. And that’s the best possible thing I could do for my characters along this chain. So, here we go. Meet my characters, Jean and Cobalt.


Beautiful People: Friends Edition

  1. How long have they known each other, and how close are they?

A year or two at most. They haven’t known each other very long at all.



  1. What’s their earliest memory of being good friends?

Jean and Cobalt being friends was more of a gradual thing. Cobalt was open to being friends from the start, but Jean was wary about him for quite a while. They started being friends pretty much when Jean decided Cobalt wasn’t the most annoying person on earth.


  1. Do they fight? How long do they typically fight for?

Oh, yes. They fight. Mostly just about conflicting views or one just annoying the other; probably Cobalt annoying Jean. But Cobalt’s good at defusing situations like that with a joke or something, so it never lasts too long.


  1. Are their personalities similar or do they compliment each other?

Cobalt and Jean are almost complete opposites. He’s a jokester, clumsy, awkward, extreme optimist and almost never plans anything out. Jean is serious, coordinated, professional, more of a realist and likes to plan things out more. There’s also the extrovert-introvert difference as well, which is pretty obvious.



  1. Who is the leader of their friendship (if anyone)?

If I have to say one, it would be Jean. It kind of comes with the fact that she usually has a plan, whereas Cobalt doesn’t. He just likes to mess with Jean’s plans.


  1. Do have any secrets from each other?

Nothing big, really. Jean would be more likely to keep big secrets from Cobalt, but not spitefully. The only secret I could see Cobalt keeping would be if his feelings had been hurt. He’d mostly not bring it up because he doesn’t like dealing with it.


  1. How well do they know each other’s quirks and habits?

Extremely well. Cobalt’s are obvious and numerous and it doesn’t take much for Jean to pick up on them. Jean has a few, and Cobalt’s good at noticing that kind of stuff, so he of course takes the opportunity to tease.



  1. What kind of things do they like to do together?

They both like getting stuff done and figuring things out. Goal oriented things usually. Other than that, they’d go along with things the other person picked just to humor them and turn out having more fun than expected.

Maybe Jean would finally get Cobalt into a library, or Cobalt would start a prank war. Jean would try and teach Cobalt a code-cracking method and Cobalt would take Jean to a carnival. Something like that.


  1. Describe each character’s fashion style (use pictures if you’d like!)

How are their styles different/similar?

Well… Cobalt wears a robot suit and helmet pretty much all the time. So that’s his fashion style. Pretty simple.

Jean wears black a lot, mostly because *cough* she’s a spy, and that’s what spies wear. But she does like knee length skirts a lot and little pretty things. Like a bracelet or a necklace.



  1. How would their lives be different without each other?

They even each other out a lot. Jean helps Cobalt stay more grounded and serious and Cobalt helps Jean loosen up and laugh every once and a while. Without each other, they’d probably both be really sad, but express it different ways.



Main post Here



And, Jean and Cobalt’s book: Here

Odd Team Out: A Christian Sci-Fi.
Odd Team Out: A Christian Sci-Fi.


So, that’s Jean and Cobalt. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!

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76 thoughts on “Beautiful People August: Jean & Cobalt

  1. Aw, they sound adorable! And I love how they complete each other with opposite personalities. xD That’s always epic to read about. Thanks for joining in the link up! 😀

        1. The problem is when he makes things fun that shouldn’t be. Like being chased by evil henchmen whilst mortally wounded. *looks at him* It’s not fun, Cobalt. Stop that snickering.

          1. Cobalt: *runs off to get water balloons* *comes back with two in each hand and grinning crazily*
            Me: oh, c’mon Cobalt. All over my blog?
            Cobalt : yes. Here… You want one? *throws one at me, then you*

          2. *knocks off Cobalt’s helmet with a water balloon * *picks pieces of the one he threw at me off my shirt and spits out water * *gets one to throw at you*

          3. *launches water balloons at you between the bench and tabletop*
            Cobalt: *runs off*
            Hey! Where do you think you’re going? You started this!
            Cobalt: and I’m simply making sure I end it. C’mon guys! *comes back with all the cyborgs in his squadron* *loads them down with water balloons * FIRE!

          4. Wait, I’ve got an idea… *grabs sonic screwdriver and aims it at the opposing forces’ stash of water balloons and they all explode, dousing the Cyber Squad with water* Hah!

          5. *cyborg squad scrambles frantically to fill more balloons*
            Cobalt: *spluttering* Hey, you know I can always just partially freeze these before throwing them at you guys.
            Me: *scowls* you wouldn’t…
            Cobalt: Would too. Or Magma could just melt them midair…
            Magma: *looks up from his book in the corner* Whoa, whoa, whoa… who said I was playing?

          6. (When this is over, I also want to hang out with Magma! He’s so cool! :-D)
            *ducks out of the way of a water balloon* Hah, you missed me… *another one nails me in the face*

          7. (Most definitely. Then we can actually have some sane conversation. 😛 )
            Magma: I can hear you, you know.
            Me: But aren’t you flattered?
            Cobalt: *throws a slush balloon down my shirt*

          8. Cobalt: *smacks the button again and clings to Magma for dear life*
            Magma: *braces himself against the kickback* What happened to the whole “I’m not playing” thing?
            Me: *sneaks around behind and nails Cobalt with a water balloon anyway*

          9. Cobalt: Augh! *arches back* Magma! melt it!
            Magma: *looks at me* Technically, I’m not playing. But you’re the author…
            Me: Cobalt, I’ll only let Magma melt them if you surrender.
            Cobalt: *curls in a ball, wincing* Fine, I surrender, just hurry up and melt them!

          10. *stares at you* Wow. Super-strength or something, huh?
            Cobalt: Like I care. *appreciates the warmness of no ice cubes* I just hope Ubel doesn’t catch on to that torture tactic.

          11. Not really. Time Lords are just a bit sturdier than humans. But that doesn’t apply… *falls with Cobalt on top of me* Oof! If the current regeneration’s built all wrong!

          12. Ah. Okay. Oh, and I forgot. You’ve got Cobalt by a few inches, whereas I’m shorter. Cobalt’s 5’8″…
            Cobalt: …and an eighth. *rolls off of you*
            And I’m 5’4″.
            Yeah, lifting him would be easier for you than me. 😛

          13. Cobalt: *gets hot dogs* so what exactly are we celebrating?
            Magma: It’s Labor Day. Do you ever look at your calendar?
            Cobalt: I don’t have one. so, no.

            Stop fighting you two. Have some scones.

          14. *grabs Rose* Come on, picnic time! *spreads out coat and sits on it and pulls Rose next to me*
            ((This is how the Tenth Doctor always is with Rose. He’s like a little kid who just found his best friend for the first time and wants to show her EVERYTHING. :-P))

          15. *gets frosting on my nose and accidentally crosses my eyes staring at it* Whoops. *takes a banana, peels it, and uses the peel to wipe the frosting off my nose*
            ((The Doctor loves bananas. I guess Time Lords must need more potassium than humans? Anyway, if this wasn’t a roleplay I couldn’t do that because I am allergic to uncooked bananas 😦
            IKR?! X-D))

          16. ((I sympathize. *pats you on the back*))
            Magma: *drinks more tea* So… Cobalt. Read any good books lately?
            Cobalt: *balances another cookie on top of his cookie tower* What’s the world coming to? You’re making conversation? With me? About books?

          17. Magma: Mysteries are always good. I’m reading a little of Josephine Tey’s work.
            Me: I made him.
            Magma: You didn’t exactly have to twist my arm about it.
            Cobalt: Mysteries are frustrating. I always skip to the end.
            Magma: Of course you would.

            Lucky you, reading the HTTYD books when the last one is finally out. XP

          18. I love a good mystery. Have either of you chaps read “Out of the Silent Planet”? It’s very good.
            It’s taking me forever, though, and we don’t have the last book yet.
            Cobalt! That just ruins it! “Oh, the butler did it. I thought so.” Takes all the fun out of it. Bor-ing. When the world doesn’t surprise you any more… well, let’s just say that if that ever happened to me, I’d probably resort to taking things apart. But I don’t think it will, thank goodness.

          19. Hmm… No they haven’t. I’ll have to look that up for them. 😉
            Cobalt: *spills his tea* Well, I get plenty of surprises. Mystery just tests my patience for them. I mean, it’s right there at the end of the book, why not look at it?

            I’m ashamed to call you my character, sir.

          20. It’s an AWESOME book. Awesome trilogy! C.S. Lewis’ one and only venture into sci-fi. I think you’ll love it. 😀
            The Doctor: *dusts off trench coat and pours more tea* Well, not that I ever really get caught off-guard by the ending. Just once. But oh, it was brilliant. Mostly, I just love the chase. *gets prodded by Rose*
            Rose: What he means to say is, he just loves laughing at all the characters when they come to the wrong conclusions.
            The Doctor: No! Not just that. Well, maybe a little bit. Well, maybe more than just a little bit. But I like the chase.

          21. Cool! Yeah, I’ll definitely have to check that out. *gestures to the cyborgs* as you can see, I enjoy a good sci-fi… 😉
            Well, Doctor, I’ll look forward to the chase, then. 😛 You wouldn’t have the “characters coming to the wrong conclusions” problem with Tey’s books. At all.
            *aside to you* I actually think the Doctor and Grant would get along quite well…

          22. 😀 It doesn’t have cyborgs, but there’s space travel! 😀
            (The Doctor)Sounds interesting, but I’ll have to frequent the library on Monday. I’m sort of stuck in a hyper-viscosity time anomaly…
            (Which means he’s bored. *sigh* And who knows? :-P)

          23. Sweet! 😀 Looks like the Doctor and I both have library runs in the near future. 😉
            I’ll have to use that phrase next time I’m bored. XD *writes it down*
            Magma: *stands up* Well, it’s been lovely chatting with all of you…
            Cobalt: *throws a cookie at him*
            Magma:… *points at Cobalt* You being the exception, sir. Anyway, It’s been lovely to meet you and your friends Miss Erin. *holds out hand to shake* I’ll have to visit your castle sometime. Or whatever you live in.
            Cobalt: Oh come now. The party doesn’t have to end! We still have cupcakes…

          24. 😀
            X-P I’m glad you liked it.
            *shakes hands with Magma* I’d love for you to come visit the mansion some time! 🙂
            *helps self to sandwich and another cupcake* I’m starving.

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