Evergreen State Fair Results

Well, I seem to be having this thing with awesome Fridays this month.

The prayers worked, guys! Thank you all so much! 🙂 ❤

We went to the fair today to see how my photos did, aaand…

sorry if my reflection on the glass makes that hard to see


In case those were hard to read, the ribbons say “Merit Award” and “Class Winner”.

My socks were completely blown off by the whole “Class Winner” thing, but I was still curious what the “Merit Award” meant. So I asked the lady there. She told me that meant the judges saw something different and special about that picture and that I should get more credit for it. And that they thought I had great potential and would get their notes and tips. 

We looked at my picture for a few more seconds and she smiled and said, “Yeah. That’s a really good picture. The judges were admiring that one for a while.”

Thankfully I was able to contain myself and not explode with happiness all over everything.



And, just to show all my entered pictures again:

The Pier To Nowhere (my big winner!)
Sailing at Bowman Bay
Sailing at Bowman Bay
Through The Grapevines
Through The Grapevines


And that would have been just good enough by me to make my day, but my other pictures had to go win first place ribbons, too.

I think someone up there loves me. 😀

Thank you guys soooo much for the prayers! ❤

Have a great weekend everyone!


13 thoughts on “Evergreen State Fair Results

  1. First shabbat shalom, and congrats on the win! *hugs*, and of corse some one up thare loves you, : ) than again why would any one down hear not love you? : P Any ways I gave you the wrong email address so sorry hears the one you want (stormcode32@gmail.com) hope to hear from you, and that your having a great day and if not I hope it gets better. God bless

    1. Ps: sorry some of the words are spelled wrong this old iPhone has the worst spellcheker program ever and it won’t let you tipe what you want so sorry about that. 🙂

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