Rosh Hashana

Shana tova, guys!


That means happy new year… even though it’s September. πŸ˜› We’re going by the Jewish lunar calendar here, so it actually is the Jewish new year.

So, we do all sorts of fun things on Rosh Hashana with lots of symbolism so the little guys in our family can get it too. We throw crumbs in the river (because they’re like our sins Jesus takes away so we’ll never find them again), we eat fish (because God says we shall be the head and not the tail… technically we should be eating the heads, but I’d rather that my food didn’t stare at me), we blow the shofar (a reveille for the soul, if you will.)

And we eat apples and honey. And try not to get any honey in our hair.

Well, I try.

I’m have a suspicion that my little brothers don’t.

Anyway, here’s our favorite Rosh Hashana song to listen to, by the Israeli group, The Fountainheads.

Have a good Rosh Hashana, everyone!

Enjoy your apples and honey! (you know you want some…)

Honey drippin on a green apple slice isolated on white


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