Sukkot Photos

Aaaand I’m back!

Thank you all for waiting around for me. 😉

Sukkot was really fun. I slept out on our porch all but 2 of the nights. Which was cold for my face, but awesome.

In the meantime, Photos won the poll by a mile, so here are my favorite sukkot shots. 🙂


Our Sukkah decoration box, finally out of the attic.



A little fake-fruit bunch on the porch light.



My little brothers’ sign, directing guests to our “SOKA”.



Me: *taking pictures*

Him: Oh! Take a picture of me! *bounces excitedly on chair*

Me: *turns camera to him*

Him: *immediately takes up a meditative pose*

In explanation of the chair, we pulled all our couches out to the covered porch, to have a comfortable place to sleep.



A lego sukkah, by my 10 year old brother. See the lulav and etrog?

My 7 year old brother’s sukkah was too big to get nicely in one shot. It was 4 stories tall, and had the ark of the covenant, an angel and a jello tree on top.



Little Maggie shakes the Lulav. ❤



Blood moon.



Twinking lights, as called by our littles.



This was hard to leave to go outside… 😛



Looks sort of like some old english lantern almost.


And, coming soon, post-wise:

Following Orders, Part 5: Gingerbread

Another photo post (I took a photo trip to La Conner)

A recipe for pecan cookies

Favorite Screen Characters tag (I was tagged by ErinKenobi while I was away)

And… shh… something special for SprinkleSquink’s birthday! Bring virtual party things. 😉

Have a great day, everyone! And, as always, please comment! 🙂


27 thoughts on “Sukkot Photos

        1. I’ve got a canon powershot. I think the main thing was having a fast shutterspeed that stayed fast (shooting anything at night is such a pain in the neck). Weird. I’d think the tripod would do the trick…

          1. Canon… powershot. Let’s see. That is a nice camera…
            I’m going to save up and get the E05 Rebel or maybe the one that’s basically the same but less entry-level, because my older camera (it was an old Olympus) croaked it. I think that the E05 also takes decent video, and that would definitely be a nice feature to have. I’d probably end up buying several spare memory cards too, though, because I love hi-res way too much.
            It wasn’t the best camera I’ve ever had–my best one was a SLR film camera that I haven’t had reason to use in years. Maybe I should have gone out to get the film, set a long exposure, centered the shot and taken lots of photos with film and see what I’d get then. *sigh* Probably something gorgeous… Hmm, maybe I’ll go for a few nights and see what I can get using just film.

          2. It’s nice having practice with a less high-end camera before getting a bigger one. All the pictures back from the “Baby Pianist” post are taken on my little purple Kodak. Though that one had a slight scratch on the lens and horrible macro. 😛
            Yeah, long exposure is awesome. 🙂

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Awesome photos. And your little brother is ADORABLE!!!! *sends him lots of virtual hugs*
    I can’t resist adorable kids. Seriously. It’s kind of funny, actually–I charm all the little ones at my job. 😛

          1. Ah, the five year olds…
            When I was 10 I determined that 6 was officially the age that kids became interesting to talk to. And 5 still continues to elude me. 😛

          2. It seems to be the age that my siblings sort of backtrack into the “wait! I’m still little and cute!” phase instead of trying to act grown up.
            It grates my nerves. 😛

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