Agent 89 & Harold the Butterfly

All these picture prompt posts seem to end up with weird names.


Here are my latest two picture prompt writings.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to use the prompts yourself!

Agent 89


There was a thud on the grass as a shadow jumped off the brick wall surrounding Smidgen’s Nob.

The shadow looked both ways down the street and pulled open his jacket, patting around on the pockets. The file was still there.

An incredulous grin spread across his face and a muffled laugh disturbed the quiet night.

“Yessss . . . I did it!” he punctuated his exclamation with a fist pump.

A security camera atop the wall turned and zoomed in.


“In your opinion, Agent 89,” said Director Hannoway, “How did your experimental reconnaissance mission to Smidgen’s Nob go?”

“Pretty well, sir.” Agent 89 noticed the look on Hannoway’s face and got the feeling that his opinion was wrong.

“Tell me, 89.” Hannoway steepled his fingers thoughtfully. “How was it avoiding the doorway motion sensors?”

89 paled a little, opened his mouth and quickly closed it again, swallowing.

“I trust you left all the locks in good working order? And dropped nothing? Mr. Smidgen is very observant and you wouldn’t want to give him any suspicions, now.”

Agent 89 paled more.

“I . . . I don’t think I dropped anything. But the locks might have . . . been left in better shape, sir.”

Hannoway’s face looked partway amused. He pushed a piece of paper across the desk.

“We received this from Mr. Smidgen.”

Agent 89 picked it up and winced at the words.

“Stop looking inside my desk.”


Hannoway chuckled, “Let’s work on our recon skills today, shall we?”

Credit: The name “Smidgen’s Nob” came from a goofy word book called Ounce Dice Trice. I’ve been wanting to use it for a while now and jumped at my chance.

Also I just watched Mission Impossible 4 with my brother. So I may or may not have had a certain Benji Dunn in mind while creating 89…

I know I used Hannoway’s name, but I didn’t mean a movie reference that way. It was just the first that came to mind.

Harold the Butterfly: A Letter of Complaint


Dear humans,

I am writing to complain.

As a butterfly who stands for his rights, this behavior cannot go on any longer.

Summer and Spring are our favorite seasons too, and we love to be outside just as much as anyone else. Basking in the sunshine and enjoying the flowers is paradise.

That is, until one of you humans sees us.

I will never understand how that connection works in your brains. Pretty = must catch/frighten the wits out of/crush it.

All of a sudden, our peaceful day and sunbathing outing are ruined. We are now running for our lives. Flitting our little wings as fast as we can go and hoping in terror that we can make it to safety in time.

Some humans who’ve chased be have even had the audacity to laugh. Laugh!

I ask you, how would you like that? A giant monster chasing you, ready to crush the life out of you and they’re laughing at your terror.

I’m begging you, for the sake of all concerned butterflies out there, keep your grabby hands under control.



Fun fact: I actually had a stuffed blue butterfly named Harold when I was little. He had enormous eyebrows and the name actually fit quite well.

Hope you liked!

Which one did you like better and why?

Please comment!


16 thoughts on “Agent 89 & Harold the Butterfly

  1. So by far I like Harold’s story better for three reasons,
    1 is funny!
    2 I like the pice of art better.
    3 and three I remember Harold, he was cute 😛

    note: although I understand Harolds point of view, I know exactly way when you see some thing pretty we want to catch it 🙂

      1. He’s not? Well I probable wouldn’t remember him but he’s permanently stuck in a memory, at the time he was on your bed 😛
        Pluse hes cute!

        1. Come to think of it I can remember every thing that day, on your dresser you had two framed photos of you and your sisters, a half eaten box of lickerish with a panda on it, three books, a friendship bracelet, you mite remember that night to?maybe not.

          1. ya I thought that mite be the case, it was the night I… I, I’ll email you what happened I never thought I’d tell another sole this but you were there so not really a secret for you, be advised it mite be a bit awkward 😛

    1. I liked 89 better myself. I have a spy agency, so I might be able to use him again as well. 😉 Sorta-kinda on topic: have you ever seen Ghost Protocol?
      I got Harold at a fair. Though I think he was technically a dragonfly. His face reminded me of a muppet, and I was rather wary of muppets at that age…

        1. It was a lot better than I expected, story wise. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong and all that good stuff. (The cool gadgets weren’t cop-outs so YAY for them!)
          And besides… Simon Pegg. 😛

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