Beautiful Books: Odd Team Out 2

This is technically supposed to be for NaNoWriMo books. 

But, everyone with me now…

So what?

Plus, the person who made it said other books were fine to do this with. So I’m technically still following the rules. 😛

I’m in the middle (well actually near the end) of plotting this one. I started 3 days ago and WOW. All the tangles I thought were there? I touch them with a pencil and, POOF! they’re gone. Now that I finally *cough* sat down and started actually plotting.

Shoutout to KM Weiland for her awesome outlining books! 🙂

Back on topic:


I did the Beautiful People questionnaire a while ago. And this one looked good too, so I will dump some excitement here for my book.

To read a sample and get a little more context, go here: Odd Team Out 2: Prologue

The Questions

  1. How did you come up with the idea for your novel and how long have you had the idea?

I’ve had the idea almost ever since I finished the first book. And… hmm… there were a lot of contributing factors leading up to this one.

Skyfall, the song and the movie.

The old transformer’s cartoon: A Prime Problem.

A certain part in The Peleg Chronicles.

Mission Impossible 4

The last one was the thing that propelled me into action and the plotting got serious. I mean, I’m writing a spy story. So of course a good spy movie is going to inspire me.

  1. Why are you excited to write this novel?

Well for one, I actually have a great outline and love the concept. Two, I love my characters.

And three… *hand over mouth* I can’t say. It’s just a few great spoiler scenes that I’m freaking out to write.

  1. What is your novel about, and what is the title?


Odd Team Out: The Impersonator Problem. (I’m not sure if I like the title… still working around that)

Aaand… the premise as it stands is that it looks like members of my experimental Navy squad are going out and committing crimes, but they’re not criminal types (like, at all). And I’ll leave it to my main characters to go figure out what’s going on.

But there’s a REALLY complex bad-guy-plot. And I don’t want to give that away.

  1. Sum up your characters in one word each.

One word?! Dang… well… I’ll go for it for the ones I can do that with.

Cobalt: Extrovert

Jean: Spy

Jazz: Random

Magma: Quiet

Dr. Übel: Clever

And I have tons more characters, but I’ll leave it at that.

  1. Which character(s) do you think will be your favorite to write? Tell us about them!

I’ll play off the (s) there. Cobalt is always my favorite. But Jean will be getting a lot more development, so she’ll be interesting. I’m also introducing a new guy who… doesn’t have a name yet… but he’ll be fun. The tech guy and repairman for a whole squad of cyborgs. He’s gotta be fun.

  1. What is your protagonist’s goal, and what stands in the way?

The protagonist’s goal is more to figure out the antagonist’s goal than anything else. And stop him of course. Sort of a mystery aspect.

  1. Where is your novel set? 

Seattle, Washington, mainly.


There’s some in Northern Wyoming.


And I also have a made up island country in the Pacific. A colony of German extremist rebels, going under the name of “Inselreich”.

Here’s their flag:


… on second thought, that’s rather ornate. A banner for their capital maybe?

  1. What is the most important relationship your character has?

Jean and Cobalt… rather sadly. Talk about trial by fire.

  1. How does you protagonist change by the end of the novel?

These questions… do you want me to give away the whole thing?


Jean sort of goes through a phase of “why care?” and emotionally drawing back from friendships and everyone in general. That’s her lesson through the book as it stands, but you can’t predict characters completely. It might turn out a little different.

  1. What themes are in your book? How do you want your readers to feel when the story is over?

As I said before, friendships are worth it. And that even good intentions can be taken way, way too far.

How I want readers to feel? In a perfect world, they’d get all breathless and hug the book, and hopefully go off and hug a sibling or something. They’d appreciate people for who they are more than before.

I hope their stomachs hurt from laughing and that, if they’re the crying sort, at least a few tears were shed.

Hopefully, a few of my lines will be worthy of inserting into their everyday repertoire as well.

That’s Odd Team Out 2 as it stands for the moment!

Sound like something you’d like to read?

What other questions can I answer?

Comment below!


24 thoughts on “Beautiful Books: Odd Team Out 2

  1. Yesss, it’s PERFECTLY wonderful to do this for any book! 😀 So glad you joined in ^_^ Oh oh and sequels can be such fun to write, eh?! I haven’t written a sequel in years….but hopefully I’ll change that next year. 😛 Themes of friendship are always incredible and omg, laughing out loud?! That’s what I want my readers to do too. #goals
    Thanks for joining in!!

    1. Sequels are awesome! It’s like going back to hang out with old friends. 🙂
      I’ve succeeded before in making readers laugh, so hopefully I’ll keep my good record. 😉
      Thanks for hosting! It was fun! 😀

  2. this sounds awesome! and i relate to the why care phase… AND no not because i was a teenager… because i had nothing to Care about, that mite sound a bit sad.
    over all though i i’m definitely going to read this… right after i read the first one 😛

          1. A hahaha, I thought it sounded a bit Russian I pronounce it haj’ile reg’niss’op but Arab is good to, but what made you believe that it was me, That it was name spelled backwards?

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty happy with my names too. 🙂 Cobalt, especially.
      I didn’t draw the cover, since I can’t do digital art. Someone else did it for me.
      Cool! I’ll have to check yours out! 😀
      Thanks for commenting!

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