Flood & Bullwinkle Pictures

Y’know, floods can actually be a really good time to take pictures, if you have tall enough boots. So, I took some pretty good pictures today, post almost-record-breaking-flood for our town.

Our house didn’t get flooded, so as long as it stays that way, floods are fun.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


Back fence.



Grasses in one of the swamps (as we call them).




Reflection of one of our trees.

And now some pictures of the family dog, Bullwinkle.


Going crazy in one of the swamps. 🙂 He was doing it everywhere, but he’s so fast this was the only time I got him. 😛



Chewing on a milk jug.



Majestic, isn’t he? ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Which is your favorite?

Please comment!


13 thoughts on “Flood & Bullwinkle Pictures

  1. Hey there, Writefury! They are all really great pictures, but I think my favorites are the first and the last. ❤ Great job on all of them though!


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