Snowy Photos

We finally got some snow for about half a day here. So, I actually get some snow pictures this year! Yay! 😛 Here are the best ones I got. Three cheers for the telephoto lens! This is up on one of the nearby mountains. It still has snow. Lucky mountain.     Ginger snuck her… Read More Snowy Photos

October Glories

It’s November now and our trees are still going strong.  So, a break from all the writing. Let’s have some fall pictures!   This picture is the computer desktop. I stare at it quite a lot when I can’t think of the right word when I’m writing. Bullwinkle and Ginger   Through a rainy window.… Read More October Glories

Spring Pictures

Spring has sprung! It sprung a while ago, yes. But now the pictures are on the computer. So, spring has come to the blogland! These are still pictures from my old camera, seeing as these were the last pictures taken on it and I have no cord for uploading pictures from my new one.  But… Read More Spring Pictures

The Prophesy

Hey, Everyone! If you haven’t noticed, the faithwriters theme this past few months has been the 7 deadly sins. I’ve posted most of them. Lust: All consuming desire or want (The Mitzvah Mizer) Gluttony: Overindulgence, overconsumption (I am Ginger) Sloth: Laziness, inactivity (Sweet Chariot) Rage: Uncontrolled violence and hatred (The Invitation) Envy: Jealousy of another’s… Read More The Prophesy

Sleeping Dog

A cute picture of the family dog, Bullwinkle, taking a nap on our porch.   For those of you interested in breeds, he’s an Irish Wolfhound/Lab mix. He’s such a sweet dog. 🙂 Please tell me what you think! ~writefury