Space Drifters: Book Review

I won a book a few weeks ago in a giveaway on The Very Serious Writing Show very kindly hosted by Mr. Paul Regnier. First time I won a giveaway in my life, actually. 

And a signed copy, too!


Anyway, it was a great book and I thought I’d give my review. 🙂



Space Drifters: Book Review



Captain Starcrost is not having the carefree, adventurous life of a star pilot promised in all the space academy brochures. He’s broke, his star freighter is in dire need of repair, and there’s a bounty on his head. His desperation has led to a foolhardy quest to find a fabled treasure that brings good fortune to the wearer, the emerald enigma.

Every captain needs a trusty starship and a crack team of crew members by their side. Unfortunately, the bitter pill of reality has brought him Iris, a ship computer with passive aggressive resistance to his commands; Blix, a hulking, copper-scaled, lizard man with an aversion to battle; Nelvan, a time-traveling teen from the past, oblivious to this new future; and Jasette, a beautiful but deadly bounty hunter looking to take over the ship.

Enter a charismatic and clever nemesis named Hamilton Von Drone, whose dark past has already intertwined with our misfortunate captain and left a painful scar. To complicate matters, as every good nemesis must by their evil nature do, Hamilton is employing his vast wealth on the very same quest for the emerald enigma.


What I thought


Good Stuff:

Come on now. A sci-fi comedy, guys. This is what I write. How could I not like it?

The world concept was similar to that of the Star Wars/Star Trek worlds, but the storyline was a lot different. A treasure hunt, as opposed to crushing evil governments or exploring new worlds, so that was fun. There were also a lot of subplots that sort of took turns advancing with the treasure hunt one. Lots of stuff going on, but it was good stuff.

The Christian theme was really well done. Not preachy at all. Actually conceptual, which was cool. (The out of place Bible and Blix, whose dreams turn real, reading it…)

And I don’t think I could pick a favorite character. They’re all awesome in their own ways.

Captain Starcrost is the POV character and nearly impossible to not like. Mister Snark. I literally imagined him as Han Solo the whole time. XD

Blix… just the idea of this character is awesome. First mate. Muscular, huge lizard-man. Bookworm. Pacifist. And, despite disagreements, extremely loyal. He was sort of the unflappable character through all of this. I loved this guy.

Nelvan is adorable and honestly reminds me of Isaiah grown up (he’s got the same hair, even!) I had a nice moment with his character, too.

Blix says at the end of a chapter that “we only have about 5 freems”. I stopped and flipped back to remind myself what a freem was, then continued reading. The first line of the next chapter was Nelvan asking: “What’s a freem again?” I clearly could have saved myself the trouble.

Jasette was great. Near the end more than anything. She’s somewhat of a mystery, so I won’t say much. 😛

And Iris… well… she was annoying. But hilariously so.

They were all really different, but again, all awesome. 🙂

There was an open “here we go again!” sort of ending, and I heard there’d be a second one coming, too. So I’ll definitely look forward to that.


Bad Stuff:

There are a few alien descriptions that might gross out a few people. Didn’t bother me, but my mom and Squink would probably be making faces. 😛

Ummm… nothing else, really. There was one flashback moment I would have maybe smoothed the transition on, writer-wise. But, yeah. Other than that, I’m blanking.


Who I’d recommend it to: Any sci-fi fan. If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy or all of the above, go. Read it now.

Or so help me I will come smack you upside the head with a box of Wheat Thins.

And here’s the website so you can conveniently do that now:


So, have you read Space Drifters? Think you’re going to?

Please tell me what you think!


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