What she said. 😛

Crazy Sprinkle Horse

Hello people! Sometimes when mom finds a good book she reads it out loud to all of us.

And trust me she found a REALLY GOOD book!

The book’s name is ‘The green ember’.

:0 IT. IS. AWESOME. :0

We just finished it tonight and we all loved it!

It has a wonderful character arc and the author does a great job describing emotions and feelings.

The characters are very fun and lovable!

And yes I definitely think you should read it!

‘The green ember’ has a wonderful plot and it definitely sucks you in!

And for those of you who like VERY EXITING plots this is completely one of your books!

(I am one of those people.) 😉


That is the cover and yes there is a second one.

we will hopefully read  the second one soon!

Read the book and comment bellow on how awesome you think it…

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Any thoughts?

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