Studio C Valentines

Because making goofy valentines last year was just too fun. And because Studio C is awesome. 

So I actually made these about a month ago. I googled it and they didn’t exist.

But, turns out Studio C actually did make some and got them up a few days ago.


I’m not particularly original anymore.

Oh well. I looked through them and none of my ideas were the same as theirs, so hey.

I was planning to post these on Valentines Day, but it turns out I’ll have something else for then. (*eyebrow wiggle* *evil chuckle*) Besides, it’ll be better if you guys have time to send these to any Studio C fan peoples you know. 😛

Anyway. Here are mine. And they were fun to make if nothing else. 🙂 Click to see them bigger.

from James Austin

Whitney and Natalie on the sides, though. XD


monalisa valentine
from Mona Lisa’s Smile

Who can resist that face?


from Poker Face

And that’s saying something.


googletranslate valentine2

Just the objectivity of that sentence makes me laugh every time. It’s just like “Here, take my happy!” *throws happiness in your general direction.


googletranslate valentine
this and above one from Google Translate

If Jason had been communicating with Hell Gagatha on Valentines Day.


evilmemorylapse valentine
from Evil Memory Lapse

Unlike a certain Professor Murdock…


dobby valentine
from Dobby Meets Jason Bourne

That could really almost be sketch.


doorstep valentine
from The Doorstep, Part 1

I think that’s my favorite one. XD


Oh and… to my followers who have Facebook/Twitter/ one of those thingermajigs… if you could share those with Studio C that would be incredibly super awesome. 🙂

Which one was your favorite?

Any ideas for your own Studio C valentines?

Please tell me in the comments! I might make some additions if you guys come up with particularly awesome ones… 😉


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27 thoughts on “Studio C Valentines

    1. Totally! XD You know Oliver’s “Hmm… sandwiches” was actually a line in Poker Face? From the one guy who doesn’t know how to play and therefore isn’t worried about strategy. XP

      1. X-D Oh my gosh. YESSSSSS
        I don’t know if you’ve ever seen pictures of the Fourth Doctor, but he was 6’4 and wore this ginormous scarf that was 18 feet long (according to my cowriter), and I had a brilliant idea. What if we did an adventure where the Eighth Doctor rediscovered that scarf and was determined to wear it. However, it didn’t work out that well for him because he’s 5’9 and the scarf is HUGE but he just won’t take it off. Oliver rolls his eyes frequently. The Doctor trips and falls and tangles himself up in the scarf ridiculously. It would be awesome. X-D

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