Step of Faith

It’s been a while since a reflective/life lesson post. Aaand this one was rattling around in my head for a while, so I decided to get it down in a post.

Anytime anyone says “a step of faith”, I automatically think of Indiana Jones. Because really, that scene in The Last Crusade was the best analogy I’ve ever seen for it.

Though the exact situation is fairly rare in everyday life, I’ve seen general echoes.

God leads in a way that seems to send us straight off a cliff and we hesitate, despite his promises.

It’ll be fine.

He has good plans for us.

He’ll catch us.

Most of the time, we, unlike Indy, have the choice to turn back. And we sometimes do.

But when we get up the guts, take that deep breath and have faith. When we stick out our foot and take that first step . . .

Well, lookit that. God had a bridge there all along, just waiting for us to trust him and cross it.

And we can always continue in the faith that he’s watching over all the rest of the path he has planned out for us. Whether it includes the holy grail or not. 😛

Well, there’s my daily rant.

Hope you were encouraged!


13 thoughts on “Step of Faith

  1. That’ exactly the image I think of too! It’s so true! Even in the past few weeks I stepped out into something, not having a clue what would happen, and the moment I fully committed to it the way ahead became crystal clear!

  2. Awesome!
    Hey, by the way, is there still a listing for the Captain America shield necklace on your Etsy? I put mine in my pocket with my watch and lip balm and when I took it out it was broken :’-( So I was hoping I could order a new one.

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