Top 10 Villains

So my lovely blogging sister, Sprinklesquink came up with a tag. And I took it of course. I don’t talk enough about good villains on here.

Here’s the lovely button:


And the rules: 

  1. Post the button
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (Thanks, Squink!)

3. List your top ten villains (and honorable mentions if you want)

4. Tag ten other bloggers

Okay, Squink actually didn’t make any rules, but I’m sure she’ll be fine with those. 😛

 Right. Let’s get to the list.

Elliot Marston (Quigley Down Under)


Up to this point, I’d only seen Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility (where he plays the NICEST GUY EVER MY GOSH) so it was a bit of a shock seeing him as a villain. But he adapted to the role commendably well. Marston and Colonel Brandon can co-exist in my mind. 🙂

I almost don’t know what it is about Marston. He’s very serious, no doubt. But he’s quite a delightful villain. Thinks the world revolves around him, has a good dose of pride and evil intentions to make everything more convenient for him…

Just the sort of guy I love to hate. Not to mention he has probably my favorite villain line ever.

“Get him out of here. He’s bleeding all over the rug.”


Darren Cross (Ant-Man)


This guy probably wins the prize for most balanced (Heavens, not mentally, though.) He seems to straddle the very fine line between understandable and despicable. I can follow his thought process and see how he got where he is while still getting spitting mad about what he’s doing.



Khan (Star Trek)


Hoho. One of the top contenders in the creepy category, ladies and gentlemen. He’s calm, unpredictable and homicidal. Seriously, that’s like the worst combo for me having any sort of mental peace while watching a movie. Just… everything, really. Cumberbatch did an amazing job.


Count Rugen (The Princess Bride)


The classic sadist. How could he not make the top ten? Okay, but the book Rugen. Really. I thought he was a good villain in just the movie, but I’m telling you, they’re only scratching the surface of all his evil villainy. Actually reading the scene where he kills Domingo Montoya… and while he’s torturing Westley… and the final scene with Inigo… my goodness.

This version of Rugen gets a bit more gory of a death, but… yeah. He deserved it.


Solomon Lane (Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation)


This is the one who probably just slightly tops out Khan for me. He literally killed two people without blinking. He concocted the cruelest good-guy confrontation I’ve ever seen (if you’ve seen the movie… HOLY SMOKES CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT?) And the raspy voice just really grates my nerves and doesn’t help anything.

On a side note, his hair looks like he got a bad haircut and then just let a hamster go at it for a few minutes. *shudders* *looks up at the picture I have* Okay, that one doesn’t capture it. But really.


Count Rosencross (The Peleg Chronicles)


I don’t know how much exactly I’m able to say about Rosencross without dumping spoilers, but I’ll try. He’s… the kind of villain guy you’re mentally begging to turn good at every opportunity and cheering at his every turn in that direction. He’s very sympathetic and probably the most tear-inducing character in the story.

Rosencross is very… well done. (Gosh, spoilers are almost completely muzzling me here.)


Rupert of Hentzau (Prisoner of Zenda)


I haven’t talked much about this book on here, have I? This has to be one of my favorites of all time. I’ve reread it about… what, three times now? Something like that. A masterpiece of first person narration.

Anyway. Rupert.

There aren’t a lot of dashing, young henchmen in the literary world, and he’s a wonderful contribution. His dialog is amazing. His motives are clear and, of course, evil. He far outshines his superior, Black Michael, in my opinion.

Another “love-to-hate” sort of guy.


Jack Simpson (Hornblower)


Simpson wins the prize for the character that makes me the maddest. Out of everyone in the fictional realm. He’s mean for the fun of it, enjoys other peoples’ pain and has serious control issues. Lots of disgusting, disgusting pride as well. AND HE PICKS ON ARCHIE AND HORATIO SO MUCH. I mean, Horatio gets past it pretty well after sort of redirecting his energy. But poor Archie is still having nightmares about Simpson years later. (And, thinking about it, Simpson probably took advantage of Archie’s being friendly to pick on him. Archie totally shrivels into himself around Simpson.)

Really, Simpson died and the cheer went up from everyone in the room. He totally deserved everything he got THE JERK.

Okay… *deep breath* I think I’ve raised my blood pressure enough for the night.


Connor (The False Prince)


Another one that manages to straddle the understandable/despicable line. Actually, not as much understandable as Darren after a certain point. Connor takes the cake for confusing. He’s totally cruel and ruthless and justifies killing people for the “greater good”, but he seriously thinks he’s the hero of the story. Really. Even his death was confusing. Well written, confusing, though. 😛


Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Puss in Boots)


I have a whole blog post on how well written Humpty is, actually. An egg from a nursery rhyme. Who woulda thought, huh?



Honorable mentions:

Chester V. (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2)

King Candy (Wreck-It Ralph)

Wolfe (Hornblower… again. There’s another Hornblower guy that would have made the list but for spoilers. Erin, Squink… you know who I’m talking about.)

Duessa (Storybound)

Squilby (The Peleg Chronicles)

Belloq (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Walter Donavan (The Last Crusade)

Saccharine (The Adventures of Tintin)

Biff Tannen (Back to the Future)

Charles Darwin (Pirates! Band of Misfits) (I admit it, he’s not much of a villain. He’s redeemed and he’s quite pathetic beforehand. But he’s honestly sort of cute trying to be evil.)

The Bowler Hat Guy (Meet The Robinsons) (He’s on the tag. How could I not put him here?)


And my nominees… (goodness, this is nice. Nobody’s done this before since it’s a new tag!)



proverbs31teen (hesitantly?)


Victoria Nightsky



Priceless Pen


Nate Philbrick


So just follow the rules, snag the button and make a list for the tag. And have fun with it. 🙂

Or don’t.


So, do we share any of the top ten? What are your favorite villains?

Please comment! I love hearing from you! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Top 10 Villains

    1. I know! Seriously, that was not my best plan writing that before bed, though. I sat there scowling at the ceiling for about ten minutes and being mad at Simpson before I was able to go to sleep. 😛
      You’re welcome! I can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  1. AGHHHH I HATE SIMPSON SO MUCH I COULD SCREAM. I’m not usually a violent person but omg did I want Horatio to totally blow his head off. xD (Omg, I sound horrible…heeh, but he was bad news. How dare he pick on darling little Archie, omg.) Ahem. But I really really loved Khan. He was insane, yes, but so complex and well written. :’)

    1. I KNOW. Simpson is such a jerk. >:/ Put Captain Pellew got him, so I’m happy.
      But I mean, what sort of person gets mad at the guy who just SPARED HIS MISERABLE LIFE? Ugh.
      Yes! Khan was very well done. 🙂

      1. Can you imagine Eight and Oliver quoting movies back and forth at each other? X-D I’d imagine that Eight, after their first adventure, sat Oliver down in the TARDIS’ living room/den area and watched classics like “The Princess Bride” which Oliver might not have seen… of course, he might have seen them and referred to them as “classics” or “retro”… but he won’t have seen all of the Doctor’s favorites, which probably come from EVERYYY era. 😛

          1. Oh man. So perfect. And then the Doctor remarks “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” to the ice cream scoop (which he’s still holding) and then they have to watch Firefly X-D

          2. I could totally see that. XD he looks at the ice cream scoop, says the line, then grabs Oliver’s wrist and is like “Okay, now we’ve gotta go watch something.”

          3. YUSSSSSS X-D
            Also, you’d better not be the one who ate the last of the strawberries because the Doctor will know. He’ll be able to smell it on you. He won’t be mad, just a little bit shocked that you ate them all in one go… 😛

          4. Of course. XD
            Oh, my gosh. I played cards with Daniel the other day and he beat me. Like 25 times in a row. O_o
            I was going insane and getting way to involved near the end and it was sort of freaking him out. But I didn’t let him stop until I’d almost beat him once.
            I don’t know. Sounds like the pillow fight dynamic. 😛

          5. X-D Wow! Sounds like Archie being all stubborn and trying to beat Horatio all the time when they’re just playing for fun. 😛
            I feel like Oliver would win and then sit on the Doctor, who would play dead 😛

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