Winthrop, Washington

So, I’m sort of digging into my photo backlog here. I took these back in July and never got around to posting them, though I did post pictures from on the way driving up. Just looking back through older photos and thought “Heeey… I never did post these…”

Anyway. Better late than never, right?

Winthrop is a little, western-themed town in the Methow Valley. They’ve even preserved some of the original buildings from the pioneers and refurnished them into a museum. πŸ™‚ It’s a pretty cool place.

Enjoy the pictures!



The fronts of the buildings on the main street.



A sign on a bakery we got breakfast from.



A restored cabin at the museum area.







All thoseΒ thingsΒ are some of the old machines that they put back together. Steampunk-ish, isn’t it?



Recreated schoolroom.



Old sign on the main building.




Higher up in the hills. And more fun with the miniature effect. πŸ˜›


Hope you enjoyed! What picture is your favorite? Have you ever been to Winthrop?

Please comment!

Happy trails, guys! πŸ˜‰


16 thoughts on “Winthrop, Washington

  1. Wow these remind me of an old gold rush ghost town I used to go to with my family and Grandparents when they visited us. (at the time we lived in separate states) I think it was Dogwood or something like that.

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