Washington Park: Cliffs & Seals & Porpoises, Oh My!

As you might have guessed by the exciting title, I had an adventure yesterday. Lots of fun stuff. Thankfully, the weather decided to cooperate for once. 😛

So, Squink and I tagged along with our Auntie A’s little explorer group. They needed a few extra helpers since the chosen location was a trail at Washington Park that, to the uneducated, looked like it went straight off a cliff. It didn’t, really. Just a really really steep trail downhill. 

Anyway, we were watching for seals, otters and porpoises. We saw about three seals, countless porpoises and one otter that I did not have my camera prepared for in time.

This was one of my favorite photo trips. 🙂 It was very breezy and ocean-y and nice. I was whistling Horatio Hornblower’s theme to myself almost the whole time. 😛

Enjoy the pics!



Some trees as seen from higher up along the trail.



The aforementioned trail.



Our little explorers group.




The view over the edge where we were watching.






I really like that one. (I even got a little seagull in the picture!)






Waves on the rocks.



An uncentered porpoise.



A trail Squink and I explored with the town of Anacortes in the background.


Hope you enjoyed! Ever been to Washington, park or otherwise?

What was your favorite picture?

Please comment!


14 thoughts on “Washington Park: Cliffs & Seals & Porpoises, Oh My!

  1. I thought the seal was an otter at first. And porpoises! 😀 That makes me so happy. Otters are such fun animals. 😀 As usual, I think your photography is gorgeous, and it’s so beautiful… One of the photos looked like the river Anduin from “Lord of the Rings.” 😀

    1. I know! My aunt thought he was an otter too at first. 😛 That was the first one that got curious about us.
      *grins really big* Thanks! 🙂 Hey, that’s cool. Which picture?

        1. Oh cool! 😀 *is happy and hugs you*
          Yeah, I’m filing that one away for a possible fair picture. A print is hanging by my bed at the moment so I can keep looking at it when I want to. 😛

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