One year ago today, I got possibly my best birthday present ever. (As all of you will probably attest.) I got my lovely little (well, big) powershot camera! Since then, I’ve learned about shutter speeds, aperture, f-stop numbers, tripods, lens hoods and lots of other camera stuff. And this blog has enjoyed lovely, professional looking… Read More Cameraversary!

Rain Stuff

Hey guys! Just some pictures and a song for today. I got some pictures in the rain that I liked a lot, but didn’t put them in a post yet. But, anyway. Here they are!   My window. I kind of like the effect of the “You are my sunshine” thing. 😛   Different focuses… Read More Rain Stuff

Trees and Fog

I took this photo actually a few years ago. And on my mom’s iPhone. So, it’s not professional quality, but it turned out really well. Thought I’d show it. Tell me what you think! ~writefury