The Highland Games

Like I said a few photo posts back, I’m going through some old photos.

So, this actually happened back around August/September. But it might be my favorite event in the area.

The Highland Games is where all the people of Scottish decent come and find their clan’s booth, listen to bagpipe music and poke around at celtic vendor tents. Non-scottish people are welcome too, of course. πŸ˜›

I’m actually wearing my skirt I got there as I write.Β Part of what brought it to mind.Β 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


The water tower sort of off in the distance. And the storm clouds that kindly didn’t dump on us.




The proudly flagged entrance.



Bagpipe players from Clan…. *zooms in* I don’t know.



One of the sheepdogs in the showing.



One guy doing a harp music booth. I’ll tell you, he had to battle hard against the bagpipes to be heard.



Racks of the lovely clothing.



These are tails. I don’t quite know what for, but they looked cool in a bunch like that.






I like this one. πŸ™‚ Seems like it should be a character prompt or something.

What was your favorite picture? Do ye have any Scottish blood running’ through yer veins?

Please comment! πŸ˜€


19 thoughts on “The Highland Games

  1. Aye, me bonnie lass! Them’s some gut pictures you. I be of the great Scottish descent, I am. Aboot a quarter descent on mah dear ol’ daddy’s side.
    And what clan are ye bein’ from, my lassie? I stand bein’ a proud member of that thar’ Campbell clan.
    (hehe a Scottish accent’s kinda hard to do typing.) XD My favorite pics were the 1st, 3rd, and 9th. Did you take those? Really AWESOME!!! : )
    Did you know I’m going to Scotland year after next to attend a YWAM mission school? We’ll board in a Scottish castle by the sea! I can’t WAIT!!!

    1. Hey, I don’t think I could do much better. XD
      We’ve got something in a couple of different clans, but I believe we’re mostly Maclean. πŸ˜‰
      OOHHH I’M SO JEALOUS. :O You have to take some pictures for me!

      1. PS
        The clan you said you didn’t know what was of the men playing bagpipes, you know? So that’s actually the Black Watch. Its not really a clan, but its like a neutral tartan that they will use in gatherings with members of different clans, so that no one’s toes gets stepped on. : )
        MacLean… Isn’t that the clan the guy in “Kidnapped” was from? : P lol
        You really should hear me in person. My Scottish accent is better speaking than typing. I can do a coarse sea-faring British accent, a Scottish accent, a London accent, a Yankee accent, a Georgian accent, and I’m working on my Australian. hehe
        Hey, you could come with me, if you wanted to! : ) I would enjoy the company. As far as I know, I’ll be the only American there! : ) lol (Don’t tell anybody, but I’m gonna marry me a Scottish boy!)

        1. Awesome! Accents are fun. πŸ˜€ I can do a British, Australian and Scottish. Once again, all better in person, not typed. πŸ˜› British is hard to type out!
          Ooooh, that would be really fun! But I doubt I’d be able to. πŸ˜› Hey, doing accents, we’d both fit right in! XD

          1. Hehe! Cool! : P
            Yeah, I’d just love to be corrected on my accent… They’ll probably laugh so hard..
            And I stand clueless… Are you laughing ’cause I’m just that good, and you can’t believe Americans are that good at faking your accent, or are you laughing because I just flat out sound like crap??? XD lol

          2. I know! Around here, at least, we wouldn’t be under as close of accent scrutiny. XP Still, it would be fun to try and blend in with the accents. I’d probably just pick it up after a while. I’m a decent parrot. πŸ˜‰

  2. According to Wikipedia, my ancestors were originally from Scotland but came to Ireland as mercenaries. But we probably have another Scottish ancestor with a different surname; I’m just searching my mother’s maiden name. (My surname is actually German.)

    1. That’s quite interesting. Sort of Viking Scots then?
      We have a few obscure Vikings back there somewhere. Hansculf Ansculf and Hairy Britches being the most memorable. XP

      1. *snorts* Viking Scots. Well, you’re not wrong. ;-P We’re more like the mad fighting irish πŸ˜›
        Hairy Britches? That was his real name?! You’re not kidding?! HONESTLY!? whoa

          1. It varies so much in our family. We only have two of the same MBTI among the ten of us. And a couple of letter opposites. πŸ˜›
            Looks-wise, too. Barely anyone ever guesses we’re related when they know us separately. (Except me and Squink. People keep thinking we’re twins. Honestly. Short, curly, brown hair and green eyes being twins with long, straight, blonde-ish hair and brown eyes?)

          2. I think my sister and brother might be S-types. Jewel seems to be an ESFJ, and Michael is ISFJ or ISTJ.
            It’s the face shape. πŸ˜› I keep getting these feelings of deja vu because I’ll think I see a friend and it’s just someone who looks like them.

          3. ESFJs are so fun. πŸ˜€ John’s one. And he’s… yeah… Sweet in a perfectionist, people person sort of way. And the details he gets into. My goodness, that child. O_o Peter’s his opposite. And openly acknowledged as the lowest maintenance person in the family. XD
            Oh, that can be awkward… I saw someone with my friend’s haircut once from the back and snuck up and said boo. I about died when they turned around. *wince*

  3. Careful. The last guy who called it a skirt got kilt. I’d watch your back now.

    I am from the Shepherd clan, but we didn’t know when we got our kilts whether we were descended from the Scottish Shepherds or the English Shepherds, and we know we are descended from the Blairs (my dad’s mom’s mom’s dad’s dad, I think, was John Blair, and he immigrated from Scotland to Pennsylvania), so I wear the Blair kilt.

    What is your clan?

    1. Actually, I’m safe because it was a skirt. An ankle length, ruffly, brown one. πŸ˜› You’re right about that, though. I should have specified. *looks around nervously*
      Cool! We’ve got a lot of different clans in there (since its on both sides) but most traceable is MacLean, so we go with that one.

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