Describe Me Challenge

Heyyy… lookit that!

I didn’t leave you guys to go build a time machine with Peter! *much joy* (That’s not to say that I’m not building a time machine with Peter… just that I’m not leaving you guys to do it.)

Anyway, I was recently tagged by Victoria for a fun looking challenge thingy, so I’ll be doing that today.

Here are the rules:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you (Thank you, Victoria!)

-Choose one song that describes your music taste

-Choose one outfitΒ that describes your fashionΒ taste

-Choose one meal (including drink) that describes your taste for food

-Choose one book that describes you/ changed your life

-Choose one quote that describes what you want for your life


And here we go!



I kind of have a few different music tastes. I like christian, celtic, soundtrack and fun/upbeat/dance-y songs. I’ve not found a song that is all four, so I will pick one song to represent each of them, okay? *holds up shield as I link the songs*

Fix My EyesΒ 

Flaming Red Hair

Red Rackham’s Curse and the Treasure

Then I Met You



I don’t spend a whole bunch of time looking at outfit pictures, so I was a little hesitant on this one. But then I found this and everything turned out alright. πŸ˜›


Those boots seriously look like mine.

AND IT’S EVEN GOT PINE TREES GUYS.I LOVE IT. *tries to find somewhere important to stick this after we’re done*



I like “build your own” stuff a lot. So you can go to the same place whenever and have endless possibilities still on the horizon.

So, a stir-fry from Chang’s Mongolian Grill is one of my favorite things. And I also like MOD Pizza. One of those.

And then for desert I would have hot chocolate chip cookies and MILK. (I’ve been a milk-maniac ever since I was little. So the drink was no problem deciding.)



The Bible. Hands down.Β 

I mean, it’s got everything. Great life mottos, poetry, songs, stories, guidelines for living in general and a plan for eternal salvation.

Yep. It wins every time. πŸ˜›



There are lots of good quotes and I could probably deliberate over this forever. But I’m just going to keep it uncomplicated and go with the two that first came to mind. (Graphics both by me.)

One from my grandma:


And another from Mark Twain:



So, that’s me! πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed!


And, my nominees are:

Sarah at Pens & Piano Keys

S.M. Metzler at Tea With Tumnus

Sarah Spradlin at Notecards

Any or all of the lovely ladies at Concerning Stories

Cait at Paperfury (when she’s done writing her 4 day book a.k.a. being a superhero)

And anyone else who wants to do this, feel free to steal. πŸ˜‰

Have fun, guys!

As always, please comment!


18 thoughts on “Describe Me Challenge

    1. You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see yours! πŸ™‚
      (Well, I solved my dilemma because it’s just a meal that most generally says what you like. So it doesn’t have to be your absolute favorite. πŸ˜‰ )

  1. Omg thanks so much for tagging me! *flails* AND YES I’M DONE WRITING. XD So trying to catch up on blog reading and commenting now, omg (this is probably why I do write so fast…I practise with all my blogging. ;D) Ahem anyway. I love this post. That outfit is amazing and probably like what I would wear too…if I had awesome boots and it was cold enough where I live to have a jacket like that. AND THAT MARK TWAIN QUOTE IS EVERYTHING. EEEEEP.

  2. About to go over and invite you as editor on the DW:NM blog. Really quick question, though: would you mind creating an Oliver inspiration post as a draft and we’ll just post it when we’re ready to announce Oliver’s entrance? (I’m working on the “Introducing Oliver” post right now, your post would be a supplement to that and would go up 2, 3 days after mine.)
    Also I’m working on the cast bios page and I need your personal bio… and adding photos of characters to the character bios page, grrr

    1. Okay, thanks! I’ll see if that went through.
      What sort of post would that be? Like, Oliver statistics and “Oliver is such and such a person” or “Hi! I’m Oliver and I’m such and such a person”?
      I think I sent you my personal bio last week. Haven’t gotten around to Oliver’s yet, though.

      1. πŸ˜€
        I think it might be fun to write a post in character as Oliver, and maybe write another post with your drawings (and mine) of him, our picture reference, and the songs that remind us of Oliver?
        Ugh, it must have gotten lost in my inbox then.

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