Announcement & a Change of Direction

Hey everyone!

I have some bittersweet news to share today.

After much deliberation, I have decided to pursue my true calling. And that, sadly, will leave this blog on the wayside.

What is this new calling, you may ask?

Well, I’ve told you many times about my scientific genius brother, Peter…


Yeah, him.

Anyway, he and I have been talking and I believe he has figured out a way to make time travel possible. But the thing is that his theory needs a lot of work and dedication to make it happen. 

And Peter is only 8.

So, he needs my help.

Family first, guys.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I really feel like this is what I should be doing at this time in my life, so after a lot of prayer (and mathematical calculations) I’ve taken my position on Peter’s team alongside John, James and Isaiah.

While they are preparing the Huggies box for hyperspace, Peter and I shall be calculating many things and figuring out the bumps in the process. My additional jobs will be prepping the chimps for experimental injections, throwing shoes at rival scientists, hiring bodyguards and chronicling our scientific advances on a new blog. (Lots of fun mathematical terms you’ll probably have to look up on wikipedia, so that’ll be extra fun.)

This is a time of sadness, but also joy. It’s about time humanity got time travel figured out, and I will be part of that new frontier. I’ll miss you all horribly, but you still can keep up with our progress on the new blog I’ll link below.

In the meantime, keep your eyes out and don’t be alarmed if a crazy-haired teenage girl and four little boys in a diaper box start randomly showing up in history books.

And who knows? We might even visit you sometime.

I bid you all a fond farewell,



Here’s the new blog, if you want to keep up with us: The Time Travel Diaries

52 thoughts on “Announcement & a Change of Direction

      1. Oh my gosh, really? YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!! (People keep doing this to me! My mom doesn’t like it, so we don’t do anything at home and EVERY year I forget.) You. are. diabolical.

  1. I had a suspicion that it was April Fools’, especially after reading the KP “announcement”. Great one, @writefury!

        1. *grins back* Indeed I am. >:)
          OH. I had the best moment. So since it’s spring I’ve been out weeding the garden a lot. And I was just sitting in the dirt by myself pulling dandelions when a hobbit song came on and I just stopped and stared at my iPod like “My gosh, CB was right…I’m totally a hobbit.”

          1. XDDD That’s hilarious!!!! I had a moment like that the other day when I was outside and the wind was blowing and I started singing one of the elvish-sounding songs from LotR. 😉

      1. Indeed I am. *clear throat and tries to look sensible* I’m not proficient with the lightsaber, but I can learn. And shoes? Pfft. I’m a champ at shoe-throwing.

        1. Sounds good. Shoes are the primary weapon anyway. Lightsabers are just backup. 😛
          You start tomorrow. Keep a lookout for anyone chuckling evilly and muttering that they’ll steal the Mucklestone’s time machine.

          1. Like myself? *sudden coughing fit* Ehhhrmm, I mean, of course, of course. I’ll be there. With shoes and everything.

    1. This is also why I believe nothing I see on the internet for that one day. XD
      But seriously, should I actually do anything with The Time Travel Diaries? The theory isn’t fully ready yet.

      1. Of course you should… I would let the collaborators have fun posting when they feel like it and make sure that noting blows up.

  2. You. Are. BAD! 😀
    Has anyone ever done the April Fool’s Coke trick? That’s the best one I’ve ever heard of, and I fully intend to do it… someday. 😉
    Yes, please do something with The Time Travel Diaries! It looks fun. My little brother and I traveled back in time today, and narrowly avoided being eaten by a dinosaur, only to be dropped onto a ship full of pirates! Luckily he fired a nearby cannon and saved the day, and when we went below deck we found the captain’s secret treasure… Cheerios. They are the most delicious treasure ever! At least from the perspective of an 18 month old… for me it’s chocolate. 😉

  3. Um, might I join you? I’d rather not get shoes thrown at me… that might be unpleasant! (Also, I might need to borrow Oliver from time to time–fate of the universe and all that, you know! 😉 )
    ~~The Doctor

          1. Hmmm, I really should spring-clean this place… it’s been a couple of centuries, at least.
            ((Awwww *hugs you both very awkwardly* that one is so sad… Eccleston is my Doctor and I was so freaked out when he disappeared and THAT is the very first messing around in the timestream with people getting erased from history and then returned that you will have to face while watching Doctor Who. Also, seasons one through nine of the new series are available to stream for free through Amazon Prime. You’re welcome! :-P))

          2. I would love to help… if these jokers found something else to do… XD
            ((Yeah, I’m a little fatalist about stuff like that and was kind of thinking “Yeah… but there’s the whole rest of the series. He’s fine.” Whereas Daniel was in the open mouthed shock of “OH MY GOSH THAT THING JUST ATE THE DOCTOR.” Also we found Simon Pegg. Also Daniel wants a sonic screwdriver more than about anything at the moment.))

          3. We can set them loose in the kitchen and they can make cookies. I’ve got recipes from planets across the universe. How does that sound?
            ((X-D I was kinda freaked out by it the first time and was like “umph how are they gonna solve this?” and now I’m just like “whatever.” Seriously, Steven Moffat has the Doctor get erased from history/die/fake die way too many times. -_- Like, just about every season finale as far as Eleven goes. I NEED A SONIC SCREWDRIVER TOO then I’d never have to worry about losing my keys or breaking stuff again X-P))

          4. That sounds good. *gives them ingredients* Go on, guys. Recipes are over there.
            ((Yeah, and Daniel wants it even more since he does locksmith/puzzle stuff. 😛 Just pull out a sonic screwdriver and the job would be a lot quicker.
            Aaaand we just finished season 1. Daniel kept smirking at me so I didn’t cry.))

          5. Now you’ve got to go watch the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration into the War Doctor (There’s a whole incarnation between Eight and Nine. Wiiiiild but true. DW is a weird fandom.)

          6. I did, actually. That was the first little bit I saw because you put up the video clip in a post about Eight.
            Daniel isn’t all that sure he’ll like the tenth doctor better than the ninth. (He actually got more involved than I did, I think. Constantly “Roseyyy c’mon… Let’s watch more Doctor Who!” XD )
            Oh, and we both liked Jack. 🙂 Minus flirty-ness, of course. But he’s fun. 😛

          7. Awww… he’ll like Ten, I can pretty much guarantee. But I feel for him too–Nine will always be my Doctor ❤ and you can tell him that 😉
            X-P I am SO TEMPTED to write him into an episode of this. Imagine how confuzzled Eight would be by all the flirting. And by the fact that this person apparently knows him (Jack recognized the TARDIS and is like DOCTOR 😀 😀 :-D)
            You're in for such a journey! I can't wait to rant with you about how awesomely scary Ten can be!!! And wasn't the scene with the line about the "Oncoming Storm" AWESOME?! *fangirls madly* And Nine's struggle to kill the Daleks only to find he can't–he's done it once, he can't do it again *sobbing*
            (We're on the other side of the Time War in our fan audios, but Eight still has the same dark side… but his is more akin to Ten's than Nine's (which is odd but true), albeit with less shouting and more dark thoughtfulness… Eight is *scary* sometimes. (I listened to a clip/preview from one of THOSE audio dramas–y'know, the darker, scarier ones–and McGann's voice made my skin crawl.)

            We’re definitely looking forward to it. 😀 The references between us are kind of fun at the moment. Randomly looking at each other and grinning when one of us uses the word “fantastic”. Or poking into each other’s room and going “EXTERMINATE”. XD Daniel and John got me a little Lego Dalek and Cyberman for my birthday. 🙂
            YES THE ONCOMING STORM. That has to come back.

          9. X-D I’m not sure why Jack would be there, though.
            Yeah… you can always tell someone who skipped Nine, if you say “Fantastic” and they don’t react 😛 X-D This halloween we’re planning on dressing up as Doctor Who–I’m Eight, Sprite is Nine, Jewel is Ten and Raya is a Dalek.
            I’m not sure what it’s from, actually.

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