Bowman Bay & Lighthouse Point

I think this is probably my favorite place.


You know how Cait is about cake and Katie is about pizza? That’s probably me about Bowman Bay.

TheΒ smell when you get out of the car. It’s like ocean mixed with pine trees. I could smell it forever. O_o

Anyway, Monday was probably my happiest photo trip in a while. (Since the last time we went to Bowman Bay, actually…) I took along the little toy boat Isaiah gave me and got to prop shoot, so that was really fun. πŸ™‚


The signpost to all the different places.



This is a picnic shelter. (THE MOST AWESOME PICNIC SHELTER EVER.)



The Bay.Β 



Le boat. ❀



Rainbow rocks everyone collected.


So, there was a bit of a break between these pictures. I wanted to take pictures at Lighthouse Point (or a nearby cove). But we didn’t have a lot of time and Mom didn’t want to drag everyone up the cliffside trail and back down again to get there, so she gave Daniel and me 45 minutes to get there and back. (Neither of us had a watch.)

And, in a stroke of brilliance, we both left our shoes and brought half a bottle of water.

It was actually kind of fun, despite all the sharp rocks and shells.

Anyway, we made it to the cove alive and out of breath.


The adorable boat again.



The water was somewhat calmer in this little bit, so Daniel suggested I see if the boat floated.

It stayed upright for a few seconds, then dipped sideways and scooped up a bountiful cargo of water and sand.

Daniel yelled in his best Horatio Hornblower voice “We’re taking on water, Mr. Bush!” before we pulled it back to shore.

The sailboat has sailed its last voyage, I believe.



The view of Deception Pass on the other side of the rock.



The bridge and boats.



Probably my favorite shot. ❀ 

Aaand we made it back only a few minutes late and with some water to spare. πŸ™‚

*happy sigh*

Seriously, I should do some “Writefury guided tour” of Bowman Bay sometime. You guys would love it.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures and the adventure!

Which picture was your favorite? Think you’d come on the tour? πŸ˜‰Β 

Please comment!


14 thoughts on “Bowman Bay & Lighthouse Point

  1. I would LOVE to go on a tour!!! Can you pay airfare or gas money for me? πŸ˜› All the pictures are great… *takes quick break to scroll back through them again* I would have to say the one of the bay or of Deception Pass is my favorite (I so need to use Deception Pass in a story sometime… although I’m sure it’s already been used…) πŸ˜€

    1. And I’d LOVE to do that for you! Besides the fact I have… um… about 60 cents in my possession at the moment. XD Maybe if I sell lots of books or something, I can pay everyone’s way. πŸ˜›
      Oooh! That would be an awesome setting! πŸ˜€
      I’m glad you liked them! ❀

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