Narrator Hater

I may have found my new favorite Studio C.

Plus, it has to do with writing.

So, of course I had to share it. 😉 

It’s perfect writer humor.


Have you ever been mean to your characters? XD

Please comment!


P.S. (that hopefully won’t turn out to be too long…)

So, our family’s leaving on a road trip today. We’ll be doing something for Shavout and soon after I’ll be going to a writer’s conference over the week. I’ll try and keep posts coming (writing in the car is actually quite productive, if you don’t get sick) but don’t freak out if posts get a little spotty. 😛

Also prayer would be great. Hopefully I can clue everyone in on the specifics of that soon. :/


You guys are great.

Talk to you later.


33 thoughts on “Narrator Hater

  1. Ha. Of course I’ve been mean:
    My female MC’s mother died on MC’s sixteenth birthday. Then later, MC’S sister-in-laws baby died. Then her brother and her sister-in-law left the town to escape bad memories. Her sister-in-law died of illness. Then her brother drowned himself. Then MC became a ruler of a kingdom (it’s complicated). Then MC almost drowns when she has to go and compete for the throne ruling over all of the twelve kingdoms. And she will suffer more in the future!!
    So yeah, overall, suffering is great. I’ve been told readers like MC’s to suffer, because it’s relatable. *shrugs* Oh well.
    That video though!! So hilarious, but exactly what writers do to their characters.

    I will pray for your safety 🙂

  2. I love that Studio C!

    And oh yes, I can hurt characters. Actually, I just got through killing one. *sniffs* I don’t know if I feel worse for the ‘now dead character’ or for his best friend. Probably his friend.

  3. Hey, Cobalt Cousin!!! That is the first Studio C I’ve ever watched, and it was absolutely hilarious!!! It’s totally a writer’s life!! And an OYANer’s problem… 😛

      1. I found you a week or so ago, but now I have a forum email so I can comment under the same name. 🙂 But I will definitely be following your posts! 🙂

        Might have to find more Studio C stuff…XD

  4. Ah yes Studio C and writing on road trips… Just don’t kill anyone to important on the way and enjoy the conference

      1. Expect the Doctor. That’s the one I look most like 😛
        weeell…. a cross between the Eighth Doctor and Hayley Atwell, actually 😛 I used to say I looked like Katie McGrath (which is ironic), only my hair is more of a dark auburn, I have brown eyes and I’m not so pale.

  5. STUDIO C FOR THE WIN!!! And yes it’s sad to hurt characters (it’s so hard to hurt my smol baby 😭) but on the other hand it’s strangely fun…

    1. YAY FOR STUDIO C! 😀
      (I know. it’s so hard to hurt the smol babies… *hugs them*) But again, yes. It’s fun. And a lot of my characters do it to themselves. XD

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